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Raspberry Sorbet Zinnia

Last year I grew Zinnias that I purchased from Renee’s Seeds in California and I was thrilled with the size and colour of them.  This year I tried another colour called Raspberry Sorbet.  I am equally as pleased as last year and I wonder what colour I will choose next year.For this photo I chose Kim Klassen’s texture called Annabelle and another from Joe Olive called Canvas Rose.I am joining Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.   I hope that it is a good day for you.

A Summer Walk at MaryLake

One afternoon this past week my friend and I took a drive over to Marylake-Our Lake of Grace Shrine in King Township.  We were looking for photos for a photography class.Originally the farm and summer home of Sir Henry Pellatt (Casa Loma). During the depression in the thirties the Basilian Fathers established an agricultural school on the property. In 1942, James Cardinal McGuigan, the Archbishop of Toronto, invited the Augustinians to establish a shrine and to offer a program of weekend retreats for lay people. The title Our Lady of Grace comes from an Augustinian shrine in Lisbon, Portugal. The retreat program, initiated in 1943, so prospered that it was necessary to double the facilities for retreatants by adding to the red brick "farmer's house" in the early fifties. In order to house the steadily growing religious community of Augustinians and to provide pilgrims with a place of worship, a new monastery and shrine church were built in the sixties. In 1964, Cardinal …

The Look of Autumn

The days have the unmistakable look of autumn now.  This was a cornfield just ten minutes away.Day 24 of the August Break.   Have a great day.

A Stack of Photos

I stole this idea from the Artful Diva.  I saw a photo that she had done and I wanted to replicate it.  The frames were Isabelle Lafrance and the embellishment clip is from Kevin and Amanda.  It took me some time to think about how it was done but I think I got close.  Day 20 of the August Break.   Have a great start to your week.  My Dad’s home closes this week so I am off to the Lawyer to hand over the keys. I hope they love the house as much as Mom and Dad did.

Acidenthera ‘Murielae’

I was sent a package of bulbs in the spring called Acidenthera ‘Murielae’ from a tall garden flower that would bloom in late summer and liked full sun.   They have begun to bloom this week. I think they are quite beautiful.Day 18 of the August Break.   Hope you will have a wonderful weekend.

Can You Believe It!!

On August 15, 2009 I wrote my first post at Gardening in a Sandbox.  My friend Judith at LavenderCottageGardening helped me set it up and get my first post published.  I really didn’t think I would have that much to talk about or would blog for a very long time but here I am still plugging away and enjoying it.  I have enjoying making new friends along the way and what a wonderful world of bloggers are out here.  I have learned so much, laughed and cried along the way with you all.  I just want to say thank you and I will keep keep sharing with you as long as I can.

An Evening Walk

Late Summer on a busy street in Newmarket there is a bridge lined with colourful containers of summer annuals.   People stop, look and enjoy.Day 14 of the August Break.   Used a vintage preset in Lightroom4 and then added two layers of a texture from French Kiss called Yellow Fresco.

Morning After Rain

This is the flowers in the urn at the front door after a night’s rain. I like how they glisten.I used an action by Rita of the Coffeeshop Blog called Cream Velvet and I also used her lace brushes to make the frame.Day 12 of the August Break.    Have a great day.

A Deviated Cosmo

A pink Cosmo in the Sandbox garden textured with a Joe Olive Texture called Deviate.Day 11 of the August Break.    Have a great weekend.

Pink Zinnia

I can’t make art to save my life.  Day 10 of the August Break.   Happy Friday.

Beware the Frogs

Last year while sitting by the pond I saw one butterfly after another hovering over the Swamp Milkweed and the Gaillardias and the frogs would jump straight up from the pond and snatch them.  Gulp gulp and they were gone.  Day 9 of the August Break.   Have a great day.Valerie

Off Duty

Day 8 of the August Break.   Have a great day.

Rose of Sharon

For Day 7 of the August break.    Have a great day.   Valerie


Day 6 of the August Break.   It is a Civic Holiday in Canada.

After the Rain

Sipping my coffee at 6am.    Day 5 of the August Break

Art in the Phlox

Pixel Dust Photo Art texture “vintage Craquelure” at blend mode luminosity 63%. Finished in Topaz Adjust 5 at preset Cross Process II.Joining Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art for Photo Art Friday.

A Little Water

A little waterfall at the splash pad in Newmarket taken on my Iphone.

August 1, 2012

Happy 1st of August.  Time to participate in the August Break.   Join us.