The Sandbox

Twenty two years ago my husband and our two boys moved from a small semi in Aurora, Ontario to the wilds of Holland Landing, Ontario a very small community.   Our friends thought that we had moved to the boonies but, it is very close to Newmarket where there is plenty of shopping.   We have a property of a third acre. 

The soil on our property is primarily sandy.  It is very porous and drains very quickly.  Sandy soil itself does not hold many nutrients so depending on what type of plants you grow here can make the difference on what succeeds or fails.   We are constantly adding compost to the flower beds to increase the fertility of the soil.  Every two or three years the sand migrates to the top and the nutrients go down.  So, you have to add more compost.  A load of triple mix helps too.  Every new bed starts with a layer of newspapers right over the grass.  Then a good 6 to 8 inches of triple mix and compost go on top.  This is described as lasagna gardening.  It gives the beds height and provides a good start to the plants.  The type of plants we grow are plants that do well in dry soil.   Native plants are our first choice so that we provide a habitat for birds and insects so that we have diversity in the garden.  I love ornamental grasses and use a lot of them.  Daylilies are another favorite as they do not mind the soil here.  I stay away from fussy plants like roses as they need a clay soil. 

Our property has been deemed a backyard habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.   I am a Master Gardener but by no means do I think I am a master of gardening.  My garden is a work in progress.  Sometimes things work and some times they end up on the compost pile.  It is fun to try things.  Some times you are surprised.

I hope you will join me here on my blog to how I make out.   Happy Gardening