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Warm and Dry Wishes

I heard on the American news while visiting the Buffalo area this weekend that there was going to be a very large mass hurricane and everyone was battening down and getting supplies in for a nasty siege by hurricane Sandy.  The weather people in the US unfortunately forgot that the weather does not end at the border and I did not find out until I got home that this hurricane is so large that we here in southern Ontario and the province of Quebec were to be affected too with high winds and lots more rain.  I also found out that there was a large earthquake on the west coast of Canada. My brother and his wife live in Kitimat, B.C. very near the epicenter around Prince Ruperty and they felt the whole house shake for a minute or so. It was scary.  Fortunately it subsided and they carried on watching the baseball game.  So from the comfort of my favourite chair I  am wishing you all to be warm, dry and safe.

Derelict Doorway for Photo Art Friday

An old abandoned house I saw one day as I was travelling the backroads to somewhere.  It was in the middle of a field so I did not get out of the car to get closer.  I did edit it as good as I could and then chose filter, find edges and gave it a blending mode of linear burn.  I then added a texture from Kim Klassen CafĂ© called little things and a layer of pixeldustphotoart texture mauve threads. 

I am joining Bonnie for Photo Art Friday at Pixel Dust Photo Art.   I am away for the weekend so I will be late with my comments.   Have a great weekend.


Late October Reds for Mosaic Monday

This week my husband and I celebrated our 42nd Wedding Anniversary.  The years have gone by so quickly.  Here we are smiling as I sign my new name in the register, then came along the boys and finally a picture taken last year at a wedding. It makes me laugh to see those pictures and how do you like the seventies clothing!  We seemed so young.In the Sandbox gardens this morning there were still pockets of colour. The Helenium or Sneezeweed is blooming away despite the frost we have had lately. The Autumn Joy Sedum, Barberry, Oak tree, and  Euonymus or Burning Bush colours intensify as the season progresses.  I have one lone little red rose blooming and the Ornamental Grasses are showing beautiful plumes. I hope you are observing the last of the fall colour in your neighbourhood too.  I will be joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a great week.

A Halloween Version of Leafy Landscape

On one of my trips back and forth to see my Dad I stopped to take a picture of pumpkins at Tinklebury’s Farm.   This one was a little out of focus but I kept it for using in a textured photo.  When Bonnie suggested that we use her leafy landscape texture for this weeks theme of Pixel Dust Photo Art Friday I thought of this photo.  I even added some halloween brushes that I found at Deviant Art.

Take a Little Walk

I participated in the 5th Annual Scott Kelby Walk with members of the Newmarket Camera Club and our walk leader Ross Chevalier.  This walk occurred in 1334 cities and towns and included 30,000 walkers.   Our walk was through the main street of Newmarket and ended in Fairy Lake with members concluding their walk at a local restaurant to share stories and photos.It was a cold morning but with a little sunshine.  My gloves came out of storage for this day.   The last time I took this walk several years ago it poured rain so the day was a small improvement.  Taking a walk through the streets was interesting. I am normally going through town in the car with no time for looking in the shop windows.  I am joining Mosaic Monday with Mary.   Have a great week.Valerie

Liquid for Photo Art Friday

This week’s Photo Art Friday theme is liquid.   I took this picture of the fountain in Fairy Lake in Newmarket, Ontario in the summer.  The children I found in google images and used layer masks to remove the parts of the photo I did not want to use. I then softened the whole project with a texture from Kim Klassen called enlightened.  Photo Art Friday can be found at PixelDustPhotoArt.   Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I have signed up to do a Scott Kelby Photography walk on Saturday.  The weatherman says that it is to be wet and cool.   Do you have a Scott Kelby walk in your town.  Apparently he has them going on all over the place.

Colours of an October Day

One day last week my husband and I took a little drive in the afternoon just to shake the cobwebs out and see the colours.  There is lots of it yet but if we get a good windy day a lot of it may be gone.  When we arrived back home I noticed that the Korean Lilac ‘Miss Kim’ in the front garden had turned a lovely apricot colour and then just by the front door were a little grouping of Shaggy Mane mushrooms.We are having our family Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow as the kids and their spouses are visiting their other families today.  Now that my husband is retired it isn’t an issue to have the dinner on the Sunday so that you had a day to rest after eating such a big meal.  I am joining Mosaic Monday with host Mary.   Have a great week. Valerie

Numbers for Photo Art Friday

This weekend is Thanksgiving for Canadians.  We celebrate in October so that we can have time between gorging sessions.  I always eat too much on Thanksgiving and I feel terrible after but oh that pumpkin pie with whipped cream tastes good.  Then we do it all over again at Christmas cause then it is time for mincemeat tarts.   I am wishing my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving and I wish my other friends a wonderful weekend.    I will be joining Bonnie for Photo Art Friday where the theme this week is numbers. Monday October 8 is Thanksgiving.