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Lilac Time

This week for Texture Tuesday we were asked to use a texture by Kim Klassen called Mini May for our photo.   I chose awaken from the set of three and added them twice with a few adjustments along the way.  The lilac grows in my front garden and is loaded with bloom this year.  I must prune it though as it is taking over this little garden at the front of the house.  The tag said it would be a dwarf variety and it isn’t tall but she is getting like my waistline in girth.  Both of us could use a little dieting.    Ha Ha. 

I am joining Kim Klassen for Texture TuesdayTexture Tuesday.    Hope you are having a great day.

Two Tones in the Garden

I have been busy digging out plants and potting them up at the front of our house as a landscape company will be here any day to dig up our front walk.  It has been falling apart for the last couple of years and needs to be widened and made more attractive.  Some of the plants have been there for a few years and are a good size so need to be divided up.  I sold some of the hosta at the spring plant sale at my Horticulture Society.   Some of these lovely tulips will need to be dug up also.  The primula may be able to stay.   I loved the two toned look to these beauties.I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Welcome back Mary.   I hope the US bloggers have a wonderful long weekend.  We had ours last week.

White Tulips for Texture Tuesday

I am having quite a time this morning with the laptop.  For some stupid reason I did an update the other day and I lost the use of all my usb ports.  Therefore, I am having to learn how to use the mouse on the laptop instead of my wireless mouse.  Editing a photo has taken me far longer and with a few nasty comments to myself as I went along. Here is my entry for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday meme today of anything goes. I used the texture “awaken” twice and then adding a gradient adjustment.    I hope you are having a good day and maybe doing some puttering out in the yard.

Black and White with a Touch of Colour

This poor old bench occupies a spot in my back garden.  It needs a coat of paint badly.  This young  Cherry tree is spectacular with white blossoms at the moment and if the bees pollinate the blossoms we might have some fruit this year.  Of course we are going to vie with the birds for that 
Kim Klassen Café Texture Tuesday this week is a photo  in black and white and then add back a little colour. I turned my colour photo into a black and white using Photosuite 7  from OnOne Software.  I then switched to Photoshop where I added two layers of a texture called Blur 13 from Shadowhouse Creations and then one layer of Kim Klassen’s texture cherish. 
Joining Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen Café.   Hope you are having a great week.

Mothers Day

What are your plans for Mother’s Day?  I hope you will be treated royally.  Our two sons will be here tomorrow with their families.  I am looking forward to seeing our granddaughter who is 9 weeks now.  Her Mommy sends me little videos and pictures through the week that I cherish.  How fast these wee ones grow.  I am wishing you all a very special Mother’s Day.

Magnolia Elizabeth

I am very happy to see that my Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ is in bloom this year.  Last year we lost every bloom when we had an unusual warm winter and late frosts.  The little shrub is loaded with blooms. I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a great week.


Here and there in the Sandbox garden little bursts of colour are appearing like the native Bloodroot and the non native double bloodroot.  I have been busy documenting them as they appear.  I have noticed in my cleaning up that I lost a few plants over the winter but thankfully these came back.   How is your garden doing?  Did you lose anything over this cold winter?   I am joining Mary for Thursdays Inspiration where the theme this week was spring.