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Macro Petunias for Macro Saturday

When I went out this morning to look for a macro shots. I spotted the planter of colourful petunias.  They looked so fresh with a little dew left on them.

Our youngest son and his girlfriend gave me a lovely container of petunias for Mother's Day.  I put them out on the deck.  The next day I came around the side of the house and I looked at the planter.  The petunias on one side of the planter were eaten off down to stubs.   I could not figure out who would have done a thing like that.

The next day after that I came home from somewhere and the whole planter was levelled.   Just stubs.  I was mad.   The culprit made his appearance later that day.  It was a groundhog.  He had dragged all the flowers down into his hole under our deck.   Needless to say I put the container up on a pile of rocks out of harms way.  The container is again nicely filled out with petunias.   We have had more plants eaten by Mr. Groundhog.  He especially likes my cosmos.  He is fast as lightning if we spy him in the yard. 

For some spectacular macros visit Macro Saturday.   See what else is going on. Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day.   Valerie


Hi Val, Beautiful macro shots of your petunias. Gardeners and groundhogs cannot occupy the same garden. He must find other quarters in which to live, so give him the boot. Have a wonderful weekend and take care. Talk to you when I get back.
bfarr said…
Wonderful shots and interesting commentary.
Carolyn said…
Beautiful shots! I have just practiced a little with my macro lens but I need a lot more practice yet-fun trying though.
Olga said…
What a story your petunias have. But they are gorgeous. These are wonderful macro shots.
Thank you for visiting my blog and helping me identify my lily :-)
Manang Kim said…
These is super beautiful macro for petunias. Happy weekend!

Six petals
Oh Val, that macro lens is worth the money you spent - fantastic photos.
Ha! Jen says to give the groundhog the boot - maybe he'll end up over at her place! :-)
Jazz festival was really good, as was the weather that night.
These macros are wonderful! Such dynamic strength of colour! Especially love the detail highlighted in the first photo!
maiaT said…
Your petunias look wonderful now, good that you could save them.
Great macros also, the red one in the second photo is breathtaking, never seen this fabulous color at petunias.
Thanks for sharing these beauties on Macro flowers Saturday!
Have a great weekend!
cat said…
Lovely shots of your petunias and if you pardon me a funny story about the groundhog :)
Les said…
I love the dewy shots of your petunias. I have no luck growing these, which is a shame because I love how them smell. Thanks for stopping by my site for a Bloom Day visit.
BJ Roan said…
I don't enjoy having those dastardly groundhogs around. They have demolished our vegetable garden, and refused to climb inside our live trap. We finally gave up and surrounded the garden with chicken wire. Beautiful pics of the petunias.
Oh my, these are stunningly gorgeous, just beautiful.
Glad I don't have those critters to contend with! Those are lovely dew photos..... I'd need to get up so early to get photos like that - I'm always running late in the mornings.
Those are lovely petunias! I can't decide if the second or third is my favorite photo.

I thought you were going to say it was a rabbit eating the petunias down to the stubs. I've lost some plants to rabbits this year, but some have come back and are doing well. It's almost like the rabbits caused them to grow back fuller and more determined to survive. Your petunias sure came back strong.
Glenda... said…
Lovely blog and gorgeous macro shots of flowers.
happy summer,
g.suzie said…
You must have a beautiful garden, I love your photos. . .You must have a very 'green thumb'!

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