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Open for Touch Up Tuesday

Several bloggers have shared a word for 2011.  This word is a template for their aspirations, dreams and desires for the New Year.   I began to think about a word that I would choose and I settled on OPEN.  Open for me a direction for me to move forward.  There are situations in my life that need change or at least a new direction.  I have belonged to an organization for many years that provided me with wonderous opportunities and I enjoyed every minute. In the past year something happened to that feeling of jubilation.  But, I am open to looking at the pros and cons of continuing with it or leaving it behind and moving on.  I have learned so much about photography this year and I want to be open to expand those learning opportunities.  I just want to take a look around and see what is out there to see and do and learn.  I love to learn new things.   So, my word for 2011 is OPEN.

IMG_5550 My image is two open books.  I love books. These are photography books. 

open books texturized

My touch up was just to layer a texture on to it.  I picked Shadow creations Aged Canvas. It just seemed to bring the books to life. 

Join Chelsey at Paper Heart Camera for Touch Up Tuesday. Have a great week.  Valerie


Charlene said…
The texture was a great choice it works perfectly with the books.
Ashley Sisk said…
I love the use of texture. I just reminded myself to keep an eye out for your blog. It only shows up as a title in my reader so I don't always remember to click over.
Hi Val
I too noticed that many bloggers were choosing a word to express their direction for this year. Open is a good one and I'm going to say mine is 'possibilities'.
I know what you are referring to and it will be a big decision to make.
As for me, the paper I write for was sold and I'm not sure what lies ahead - possiblities??
Anne U said…
Very inspiring.
Kristy said…
Great composition and the texture looks grand!
Anonymous said…
Both Photos are so pretty. I might photograph some books after seeing these photos. Thanks for the inspiration. :)
Riet said…
I lOve that texture. Happy NewYear
Sheri said…
Perfect texture on that!
Carolyn said…
I love the aged texture! I have not learned how to do this yet but I would love to.

Happy New Year!

Mary Lou said…
What a difference the texture made. I love the idea of photographing an open book. Such are our lives.
I'm trying to find my word.
Blessings to you.
DoanLegacy said…
Gorgeous photos, and texture!
Henrietta said…
Open is good word, you can keep all doors to open for anything:) My word is create cause I'm cutting my working hours for this year just to get more time to create what ever that is. There is one word challenge on Saturday's if don't now...go check if you are not yeat there:)
Greetings from Finland
Sheila said…
I like your choice of a focus word. "Open" is a great choice. I'd love to learn more about photography. Maybe I will read my camera manual...Happy New Year!
Georgianna said…
Ah, fantastic word, Valerie! Great work with the texture and I'm so happy you are pursuing your photography. Happy New Year again! – g
Hi Val, I like your word for 2011. I am still working on mine, my mind is muddled at this time, so I have not settled on one yet. But I hope to soon. Take care, Jen.

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