Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pretty Tulips for Touch Up Tuesday


My husband knows I love Tulips and when he was in our local market he picked some up for me.   I am just starved for colour right now.  I guess you are too.   I received a new lens for my birthday back in October that I like to practice with.   It is a EF 50mm 1.8.   The great part about it is the ability to blur the background.

IMG_5781This is the Tulips SOOC.  Realistically they do not any enhancement but I did want to play a bit.

Tulips ala Ashley Sisk

This one was loosely using Ashley Sisk’s tutorial last week.   Sometimes Black and White is nice.

tulips with texture

This photo was done using CS2 which I am having fun learning about.   I adjusted it for colour etc, added Pioneer Woman’s boost action and then a texture from Kim Klassen Cafe called break free. 

I am joining Chelsey for Touch Up Tuesday.    I have learned so much from the participants of this meme and others that regularly contribute here.   Have a great day.   Valerie


Ashley Sisk said...

This is beautiful - the black and white is really lovely.

Mary Lou said...

Even being starved for color, I still love the black and white one! I'm going to check out the meme. Have a great day..

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Val
I know you like to play but I like the original photo best. And yes, we need colour about now.

Sheri said...

So pretty.

Natalie said...

The one with the texture is GORGEOUS! And yes I AM starved for color! My parents have tulips that grow in their flower beds every year, and they are my FAVORITE flower besdies lillies. I Think all your photos are beautiful!

Anne U said...

Color is great but the black and white is really pretty too.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Valerie. What beautiful tulips. I am so ready to see them in my garden but I will have to wait. Shucks! I am not good at winter at all. LOL! I love the different photo styles you have here. You definitely need to try the Mason Jar macro shots. LOL!

Michelle said...

The B&W is gorgeous :) But the others are nice too!

Kristy said...

Love your final frame!!

Bella said...

Hi Valerie, Your Tulips are beautiful, it is so great to see color!! I love your photo play, the last photo is my favorite:-)
Have a great day!