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White Muskokas on Lake Simcoe


three white muskoka chairs on Lake Simcoe

A few weeks ago I was on my way home along Lakeshore Drive in Keswick,Ontario from a visit at  my Dad’s nursing home.  I had my camera in the car and took some pictures along the way.  These three muskoka chairs were sitting on a dock and the white against the white ice and snow of the lake was interesting to me.  I suppose on a warmish sunny day in winter you might venture over to sit on one with a coffee.  I processed the photo in lightroom with a black and white preset that I liked.


This is the same photo with a texture added called Golden Globe by PixelDustPhotoArt.   I thought it added a little interest to the three chairs.

I am posting today for the first time to a new meme on DearLittleRedHouse called Little Red House Thursdays.  The theme this week is white.  

I am also posting to PhotoArtFriday at PixelDustPhotoArt where the theme this week is connection.  The chairs are connected to the dock but also there is a connection to summer on the lake too.



Lisa Gordon said…
Valerie, they are wonderful, and what a beautiful edit you did on them!

Have a fantastic weekend!
So very have done an amazing job of both.

I'm so inspired...must drive to beach

The muskoka chairs have certainly seen better days. Your second photo makes them appear to beckon people to come and sit. I like the shrub that magically appeared.
Crafty Gardener said…
Those Muskoka chairs look like they have seen better days. Love how you improved the photo.
Jeanne said…
What lovely Muskoka chairs, and I really like your photo... think I especially like the first edit. Yes, I can imagine sitting down on the dock in the evening and listening to the peace with a coffee. welcome to Photo art friday and hope to see you back again.
Mary said…
I love the vintage feel here, with that chippy paint! Thanks so much for contributing to Thursday's Inspiration! xoxo
Vee said…
Very artsy photo...lovely indeed.
I would love sit here watching the lake any time of the day or in any season.
Kim Stevens said…
Both are lovely, but I do really love the last one with the branches, love the feel!
SueAnn Lommler said…
Gorgeous....I love the layers and the subtle textures!
Pamela Gordon said…
I love old deck chairs and these photos are both beautiful. I like the edit you did to it. Well done.
I adore the chairs with the touch of yellow berried twig!!!
Thank you for sharing your creative talent with us!!!
Andrea Dawn said…
Great capture, lovely editing.
helena said…
what an inviting image - love how worn the chairs are, msut have been there for years
Stephanie said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I loved the original shot of the chairs but then when I saw your processing it was a a real WOW effect.
Just waiting for a sunny day to sit in our muskokas in the back yard - we like to use them year round (with a steaming cup of coffee on a sunny winter's day - just like you imagined).

Love the first shot, but the second one is amazing!!
Ida said…
Beautiful work. The BW is so serene feeling. I do love the addition of the berries in the 2nd edit, give it a romantic feel.
Currie Silver said…
oh, Valerie, you've shared such a great series here. I love the way your mind connects and recalls and imagines. BEautimous!!
The Artful Diva said…
oh boy - you really added a lot of cool elements to this photo - well done, Valerie!
Cynthia Powell said…
You have captured my favorite place to be! Can hardly wait to find myself in one of those chairs again this summer! :-D
Tricia Hays said…
Both are so beautiful. I love the color of the 1st one... the chairs, too! =)
Totally in love with those white chairs - prefect grouping of those tiny golden flowers and words that you added with the chairs on the deck.. I enjoy the kinda wintery colors and textures - just right - you have talented..
Wow! Love it! A fun meme to get involved with. I may have to join up with this one. :)
Ruth said…
I love both images, it looks like a perfect place to sit awhile :)
photoartbyanna said…
I love these! Particularily the first version - I adore the bleak, slightly nostalgic feeling of those empty chairs in winter time, in monochrome; and the warm tint that whispers of better days gone... and yet to come...
This is perhaps more strongly expressed in the second version, wiuth the words adding an impression of a letter, making it more personal...
Either way, I think it's perfect on the theme!
Lori E said…
Boy it does look cold there. I think the second photo would make the most amazing book jacket.
Hmmm. What could the name of that novel be?
This is such a pretty photo with wonderful effects. Love the script.

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