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Pot O Pansies

Yesterday I attended the Ontario Horticulture Society District 5 AGM with members of Mt. Albert Garden and Horticulture Society, the particular group I belong to.  We had a very nice day, had a lovely lunch and got to meet up with people from other societies.  The centerpiece for our table was a large pot with pansies in it.  We were told that as a small gift from the junior members of the host Society we could take a pot of pansies home.  I chose this little blue purple one.  This morning I got the idea to take their picture in front of the sliding door to the deck.  I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  It is a lovely day here today and I spent the morning cleaning up the front gardens.  After I post here I will go out and put my tools away.   Have a great week.


I have been downloading some different apps into my iPhone and iPad to use with photos I take when I am out and about.  I created this little collage from an app called Pic Stitch which is free. The edits were done using Snapseed,  another app that is really terrific and free.  I used it to collect the photos I took along my morning walk route over the last few weeks.  The photo in the top right is our weeping pea tree in the last ice storm.  I am joining Mary for Thursdays Inspiration theme of Trees.   Hope you are enjoying the day.

Spring Shoots

The Sandbox garden is awakening despite the weather we have had this week.  It was exciting to me to see the bits of colour appear.  I can image you feel the same after this long winter stretch.I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  See you there.

Blue Pansies

This morning I waited until the rain had subsided a bit to take photos of the pansies in the urn by the front door to add to Mary’s Thursdays Inspiration theme of blue.   I am hoping this rain will germinate the grass seed on the back lawn or lack of back lawn.  It was devastated with grubs last year and it looks rather bleak out there. Hope you are having a great day.


I am having one on those days when I seem to chase my tail around and around and accomplish nothing.    I hope you don’t mind my lonely little muffin sitting there on a plate with not pat of butter or dab of jam to make it sing.    Joining Mary for Thursday Inspirations.