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Morning Light for Mosaic Monday


light collage

I must admit that I have not felt much like blogging lately.  My energies have been mostly in cleaning up and planting the gardens that took such a beating last year.  Our lawn is coming along but it probably a good part weeds but I cut it with the lawn mower and it looks green.   This morning I wandered out and captured the morning light shining on the coreopsis and the geranium blooms.  The pink is the flower of the milk weed which I allow to grow in select spots as it is site for the Monarch butterfly to lay its eggs.  The fragrance is amazing too.  The peonies in a vase were a rescue from the Japanese beetles that seem to be on everything this year.

front walk plantingfront walk in construction

pattern of bricks

We had our front walk reconstructed this year.  It was a mess of weeds and overgrown plants and breaking up wood and bricks.  We splurged and had a professional do it and wow are we pleased.  The walk will be so much easier for my husband to get out of the house as he still uses a walker.  Pictures were taken with my iPhone.

I am joining up for Mosaic Monday with Mary at DearLittleRedHouse.   Have a great week. 



Everything looks so pretty! : )
eileeninmd said…
I love the beautiful flowers, lovely lighting! I kind of wish i had some milkweed growing in my yard. And your new walkway looks wonderful. Lovely images, have a happy week ahead!
Early summer is such a wonderful time to spend outside. You have a beautiful flower garden and I like your new banner! Have a wonderful week!
20 North Ora said…
Your new walkway is gorgeous! I just love it. Love your mosaic.

Linda H said…
Your new walkway looks wonderful, and your backyard blooms are beautiful!
Jill Harrison said…
the morning light is definitely the most beautiful for photography. Don't worry, my garden has sadly been neglected too - so many other things to do on our weekends. I love your new pathway, the way it swirls around.
Take it easy on yourself, and have a wonderful week.
Georgianna said…
Your front walk looks beautiful, Val! I think you were wise to use a pro. We got some quotes on having ours redone (lots of steps and different levels) and thought it was too much but meanwhile, we haven't done it ourselves!

Hope you have a great week ahead. Good luck with the bug photos.

Vee said…
That is a beautiful walkway! Green is good...much of my lawn is moss. I say that it is soft and it is green and it doesn't need a lot of mowing. Good enough. We just don't get much light to grow grass. If your flowers need you, you are choosing wisely!
Your morning light photos are soft looking Val. Wow, the front looks great, they did a good job.
Your new walkway is beautiful, Judith, as is you flower mosaic. I have been very busy watching my infant granddaughter M-F while my daughter is at work. I love it, but it is exhausting :)
podso said…
Your new walkway is beautiful! We have similar paving and love it (our son used to work in hardscaping.) It's a lovely pattern. And your photographs, as always, are just beautiful. Hope you have a good week!
Bi Ti said…
Beautiful collage of flowers, I can understand your wanting to be outside instead of in front of the computer :). Thank you for visiting and leaving us the kind comment. Have a beautiful week!
Pamela Gordon said…
The flowers are beautiful in the morning light Valerie. I love the milkweed bloom and also when it goes to seed in fall. We see it along the river but not up on the hill where we live so much. Your new front walkway is really lovely and I like the flower garden along side it. They did a beautiful job on it. I've not been blogging as much either as there is too much to do outside. I can't seem to keep up with the days as they fly by! Pamela
My name is Riet said…
What a beautiful mosaic and your front garden path looks so cool.have a nice week.
Lorrie said…
I love the new walkway, and your garden blooms are very pretty. Blogging mojo comes and goes - just ride the wave!
Lisa Gordon said…
I always love your mosaics, Valerie and your front walk looks wonderful.

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