Saturday, August 22, 2009

Creating a Pond

My husband and I discussed building a pond in our yard. We have a half-barrel that is a habitat for gold fish in summer. For many years that was our water feature. On old water pump attached to a submersible pump gave a steady stream and sound of running water. This year when my husband started holidays we decided that this was the time to develop the pond. We had looked at ponds belonging to others and scoured the how-to books about the subject. Some were helpful and some confusing. When shopping for the liner and other supplies we discovered a good source of information in Bradford at a pond supplier called "Hydrosphere" owned by Chris Dahl, B. Sc. . He had all the answers.

Our vacation became a "staycation" into the second week as we soldiered on each day. By the end of week two we have a very nice pond and a new home for the fish. Next will be the finishing touches with water plants including a water lily and some plantings to make the site visually attractive. We are quite proud of ourselves.

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