Saturday, September 26, 2009

Autumn Reds

Nothing says autumn in our garden more than the changing of foliage from the various shades of green that are present through spring and summer to the reds and yellows of fall.  Those that stand out are Parthenocissus or Virginia Creeper: a vine that the came by way of the birds that creeps happily up the brick wall of the house, Euonymus atropurpureus or Burning Bush is true to its name with red foliage and berries in the fall, Cotinus coggygria or Smoke Bush which also appeared thanks to the birds and has grown into a large shrub that blooms beautifully in summer, and Sedum oreganum that looks like little miniature jade plants but with lovely colouring.  All seem to do well in our sandy soil.

This week I noticed that there were no more sightings of our summer visitors the Ruby-throated hummingbird so we put our feeder away until next May.  I saw a Robin this morning in the apple tree but he was probably just passing through.  I hate to see the birds leave but they must. 

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