Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Birthday Bloomer

Last Sunday was my birthday.  I'm at the age that if I don't look in the mirror I think I am younger.  When I do pass by one and look in I am in shock.  Who is that wrinkly person?  One of the things I notice most about getting older is the fact that after a couple of busy days of running around I am so tired.  All I want to do is grab a blanket and a book and chill on the couch for the day.
My husband, who is not a great present buyer surprised me with a yellow Phalaenopsis for my birthday.  He noticed it as he was perusing nuts and bolts in the big box store.  The new orchid joins two other Phalaenopsis that I have had for a few years.  One is a pink vairiety and the other is deep pink and white speckles.

The orchids are in the bay window on the north side of the house.  I have moved them around over the years but they prefer this window.  They grow larger leaves and produce many aerial roots. The pink orchid has non stop blooms. As soon as one stalk starts to fade there is another stalk coming up to replace it.  The flowers last for several months.

The speckled variety has only bloomed once a year but the blooms also last for months.  I water them only when completly dry.  Every 7-10 days.  Fertilizer is hit and miss; meaning that I do this whenever I remember which is inconsistent.   I recently repotted the two older orchids.  I had heard you should do this every few years.  Both had beautiful lush root systems.   If you haven't tried an orchid try a Phalaenopsis.

A lovely sight on the window sill as we head into November!

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Lori E said...

Hi Valerie. Your Canadian blog button is on its way to you. Thanks for stopping by. By the way it is my birthday tomorrow. Hooray for us "young" ones.