Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time for those end of Gardening Season Chores

The last few days here have been really chilly and wet with temperatures in the morning of less than 10 degrees celcius.  That's not gardening weather to me.  I don't like to put on a coat, hat and mittens to putter away out there.   I make the dash to fill up the birdfeeders and run back in.  Bring on some sun and I will be out there again. 

I need to bring in all my houseplants that have enjoyed their time outside for the summer.  It is getting too cool for them outside.  I will give them a good drenching with soapy water to encourage the bugs in the pot to scat.  They will get a cutting back and then I will move them back into the house onto a sunny windowsill or place them in  a dark corner of the basement for the winter. 
One day soon we will have a frost heavy and severe enough to kill off the annuals in the garden.  I will have to dig up the cannas and put them out to dry before cutting the folliage off of them and putting them in a box lined with sawdust or shredded paper to be stored in the basement.   Lots of jobs yet to do in the garden before the season ends.

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