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Green and Brown

It has been rainy and pretty blah out lately but we have not had any snow yet.  The weather people tell us this is a rarity for this area.  We usually have at least one snow fall by now.  When I was out poking around the yard I noticed that there is still green plants that are holding up quite well.  This Donkey Tail Spurge looks lovely with its bluey-green foliage.

The Heuchera 'Marmalade' looks pretty perky yet and provides a little colour.

The Elijah Blue Grass looks great.   The worry I have in the long run is whether this winter we are going to have a good snow cover.  I noticed lots of bare spots where I have not mulched enough and if there is not sufficient snow cover these plants will suffer and perhaps die.  I must make an effort to get out there and find some compost or leaves to insulate them them from the cold. 


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