Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Last week my friend Judith and I took a workshop on Garden Writing at the Toronto Botanical Garden in Toronto.  The traffic getting into the city was light that day and we made great time so that we arrived in lots of time before our class.  Judith opted to get a coffee and get settled but I had brought my camera with me.  The TBG is a wonderful place to visit at any time and there is always something to see. I opted to make a quick look around.  The containers at the door caught my eye right away.  Paul Zammit the new head of horticulture must have had a say in this one.  He is an amazing guy creating fabulous container displays. Of course this one was a fall design with a pom pom conifer, colourful kale and grasses.

I went directly down the slope to the shores of Wilket Creek to find things of interest to photograph. Even though there are no flowering plants on display at this time of the year there is still colour in the foliage of the shrubs and trees. The rocks make a wonderful addition to the look.  The shape and texture of the plants make for a memorable photo.

And of course there was a little falls that was interesting

And as I was heading back to the main building I rounded the corner by the greenhouse and spied this little guy peeking out the window.  How cute!

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Joanne said...

Hi an interesting visit by the sounds of things. I was most amused by your blog title and look forward to seeing more. It was nice of you to stop by my blog, I will be away visiting my Dad but when i return will catch up on garden bloggers I have been rather busy on the Lyme Disease front recently so much to do so little time.