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Happy New Year

As a relatively new blogger (since August 2009) I am enjoying placing my thoughts and photos here at Gardening in a Sandbox.  I will look forward to sharing with you more in 2010.  Happy New Year.   Valerie

Sepia Meme

I have found an interesting meme for Thursdays.  I thought I would post a post an interesting shot of some geese on Lake Simcoe that was shot recently on a little drive to test out a new zoom lens.  Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.  Valerie

Post Christmas Day

Oh I am so tired today.  We had a wonderful Christmas Day with our family.  I received three new ornaments for the tree which I thought I would share with you.  The first is a little quilted one made by my friend Jennifer who loves to quilt.  This little guy was attached to my parcel containing a lovely quilted runner for the table.  She does amazing work.

The next one is a lovely little dove given to me by my friend Shirley who took the time to give me this ornament to add to my collection of ornaments she has given to me over the years.  Shirley has been battling cervical cancer for the past two years and is  now in the fight of  her life.  I cherish these gifts from her.

This ornament was from my Daughter-in-law Shellene who knew Iwould enjoy another reminder of our two trips there.

These two were amazing helpers (Karen and Shellene) in the kitchen yesterday getting everything ready for our dinner together.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family too.

Monday Mosiac Madness

Oh, this week is going to be busy getting everything finalized for Christmas Day. We painted our kitchen today so it is looking quite nice now. I hope you all will have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Please visit Mary our host of Mosiac Mondays at Little Red House and then visit the many other interesting mosiacs that link to hers. Valerie

Tis the Week before Christmas

Some years ago my friend Shirley started giving me beautiful Christmas ornaments for Christmas.  She picked them with care so that they reflected what I happened to be doing at that time.  I enjoy getting them out of the box each year to put on the tree.  If I am carefull I should have them to remember our times together for years to come.  The school bus reflects the 20 years I drove one.

This is one of a set of three flowers in little pots.  They reflect my love of gardening.

This little bird is one that I chose myself because we love to see the birds at the feeders in our backyard.

This little Irish Snowman was chosen by my Husband's relatives from Scotland that was purchased in a Christmas Shop in Niagara on the Lake one summer when they were visiting for our oldest Son's wedding.  Our geneology is Irish hense the sentiment.   I have many more but maybe I will save that for mosiac Monday.  


Country Christmas Mosiac

Even though we don't live in the same block as we did 22 years ago three couples get together at Christmas each year to have a lovely meal and a few laughs while we catch up with each other.  Our friends Dot and John usually host this lovely time.  Dot loves country decorating and her house decor changes with the seasons and occasions.  You get a feeling you are in a country store there is so much to take in.  It is a pleasure to come through the door as you know you will be amazed.  So, I took a few pictures of this years display.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  Join our host Mary at the Little Red House for more delightful mosiacs.

Christmas memories

The Christmas preparations have begun in the Sandbox.  The tree is up and decorated and the ornaments have been allocated to their spots around the house.  I have a little ceramic white Christmas tree that belonged to my Husband's Mother that was made for her by her Sister who loved to do ceramics.  It doesn't cast much light but it glows wonderfully at night in the dark hallway.  The little tree is a way of remembering members of the family who are no longer with us but leave us with objects that bring them closer to us at Christmas.

The display of plastic figures that make up the Creche was purchased by my Husband's Mother for our kids when they were small.   I could purchase a new set with higher end figures but this one is special to us.  It is the memories of loved ones and occasions that make this season so special.  

Doorways to the Holidays

On December 4th the new Garden Writers Association Region VII National Director Veronica Sliva invited the Garden Writers who were available to meet at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario for a get together.  We had a talk from Belinda Gallagher at the RBG with an introduction to some of the staff who are reorganizing and revitalizing the collections at the centre.  We were given tours through some of the areas in the greenhouses.  Having some time to look around that morning I was intrigued by all the decorated doors that were on display.  The exhibit was called Doorways to the Holidays and were decorated by artists.  I just had to take pictures of some of them. 

Please visit Mary at the Little Red House to see mosiacs by other talented mosiac artists.  Valerie
There is not much gardening being done in the Sandbox this week.  It is time to get organized and get busy as the countdown to Christmas has begun.  I had been looking at the kitchen walls for some time as a clean up project.  My husband does not like to paint but will if pushed .  So, some years ago I decided if I wanted to change things I would have to learn how to paint.  The kitchen was my first try.  Over the years I have noticed that the line at the ceiling was a little wavy and it bothered me.  This week the decision to redo it became a reality with a bang one morning.  The phone on the wall fell off and despite our best efforts we could not get it back on the wall bracket.  The filter unit to reduce the static from the high speed connection to the computer  that fits into the wall unit was damaged and needed a replacement.  My husband had to repair the hole where the plate was attached to the wall.  What a mess.  The rest of the week I tried one sample colour after another to …