Saturday, December 5, 2009

There is not much gardening being done in the Sandbox this week.  It is time to get organized and get busy as the countdown to Christmas has begun.  I had been looking at the kitchen walls for some time as a clean up project.  My husband does not like to paint but will if pushed .  So, some years ago I decided if I wanted to change things I would have to learn how to paint.  The kitchen was my first try.  Over the years I have noticed that the line at the ceiling was a little wavy and it bothered me.  This week the decision to redo it became a reality with a bang one morning.  The phone on the wall fell off and despite our best efforts we could not get it back on the wall bracket.  The filter unit to reduce the static from the high speed connection to the computer  that fits into the wall unit was damaged and needed a replacement.  My husband had to repair the hole where the plate was attached to the wall.  What a mess.  The rest of the week I tried one sample colour after another to find which one I would choose.  It turned out that we were not so unhappy with the colour as we were with the amateur efforts of the painter.  

This morning I dragged my husband to the store to make the final decision.  Now begins the prep work of washing, sanding, taping, filling holes before the paint can go on the wall.  I have my fingers crossed that this time I will make a good job of it.  Only time will tell.  Wish me luck!

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