Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Preparation for Spring

It is already the end of January 2010.  Memories of Christmas seems so far away for me now.  Now is the time for the seed catalogues and the magazines all about gardening ideas to come pouring into the mailbox.  I have started on my soapbox about the fact that 5pm in the afternoon it is still light and the birds are beginning to be more vocal.  I heard the Black Capped Chickadees the other day calling fee-bee.  That says spring is coming to me.  I know that we will still have two months of harsh cold weather but I can spring in the distance.  Happy Days!! 

This is my pile so far of inspiration for gardening ideas 2010. 

Some important wording for my part of the world.  If it likes well drained I got it.  Sand is just like a sieve.  Zone 4b  is the area I garden.   Moist is not something I know about.  We are dry in summer except for soggy 2009.  

Need to purchase some tomatoe seeds to start under the lights in the basement.  Oh there is nothing like the taste of a fresh tomatoe right out of your own garden.   Heaven!!

Need to think about what I will grow in my containers this spring.  Lots of inspiration here.   Thanks to Connon Nurseries Catalogue, Stokes Seeds Catalogue and Proven Winners Catalogue for the pictures I used today 

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Jan said...

Your woodpecker, for SOOC, is beautiful.