Saturday, January 9, 2010

A visit to Allan Gardens on a Wintery Day

Allan Gardens Conservatory is a gem in the middle of Toronto.  It has six greenhouses with 16,000 square feet of seasonal plants that supplement the permanent plants. There is the Tropical House, Cool House complete with a water fall, the Palm House and my favorite the Cactus House.  During the Christmas season which ended January 7 of this year there was 40 different varieties of poinsettia planted with thousands of other flowering plants that bloom at this time like cyclamen and amaryllis.  My husband and I with my friend Jennifer packed up our lunch, cameras and tripods for a visit this week before the Christmas displays were tossed for the next seasons displays of spring bulbs.  We took hundreds of pictures because it is a feast for the photographer.  You just can't stop taking pictures.  I thought I would show you a few of them today.

This one is called Poinsettia "Monet Twilight".   I loved the variation of colours in it.

This one is called " Snowcap"  Not really white but a pale yellow.  Very pretty.

My favorite greenhouse is the Cactus House.  I love the textures and colours of the plants here.  It is also a nice place to sit and have lunch as it is warm in there. 

This photo shows the ornaments hung for the Christmas season.  This addition makes it a magical place at Christmas time.  I hope to visit again in the next season to visit the spring bulb displays.  If you are ever in Toronto make this a place to visit.  You will not be disappointed.   Valerie


Lori E said...

These places are jewels in the city. In Vancouver they are trying to close down our big conservatory due to cutbacks.
People are fighting it though and they came across a clause in the original deal that says it can't be closed by the city. Ha, ha.

maryt/theteach said...

The New York Botanical Gardens are wonderful during the Christmas Season too! we've visited often. Your Allen Gardens and Cactus House are marvelous! :)