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Crazy or Smart Goose: You be the Judge

My husband took these photos today for Camera Critters.  On one of his job sites in a tree about 20ft up, is a Canada Goose who decided for what ever her reasons to place her nest.  She may have thought nobody could bother her up there.  My question is how is she going to get her babies down?  Canada Geese are really not fussy where they put their nest.  My friend and I saw one at the Mall yesterday that had her nest just off the sidewalk where people walk by her all the time.   When I had a school bus route I would come across mommy goose and her goslings trying to cross the road.  In order not to have someone run her over I ran out the stop sign and put on my flashing lights until she crossed the road. 

It will be interesting to see how she gets on.  Will keep you posted.   Enjoy your weekend.


How are babies going to get down? Keep us posted.
We never saw Canada Geese nest in a tree. What an interesting capture.

Darryl and Ruth : )
What was this mother thinking? There must have been a reason for her to build the nest up in the tree - ground predators?
EG Wow said…
Well, this looks easier to get down than the osprey nest I saw a goose in a couple of days ago. It was atop a hydro pole. :)
i beati said…
love this interesting adventuresome goose and the tulips below !!sandy
Mumsy said…
And here I thought they make their nests on the ground..I would love to see the progress..
eileeninmd said…
Wow, that is crazy. I can see those babies falling out of that nest. Great photos!
I have not seen a Canadian Goose nest in a tree either, let us know how she gets her goslings down.
Denise said…
That's amazing, well spotted by your husband. I will be really interested in seeing how this turns out. I've seen ducklings jump out from great heights on nature shows. Maybe these will glide to the ground just as gracefully.
Kristin said…
Wow.. how did it managed to get up so high and perfectly hidden. :-) Amazing. Great shot by your husband.
garden girl said…
Aw, I hope she and her babies stay safe up there!
A.M.I.N.A said…
Nice capture!Please keep us updated how she will bring the goslings down :)
Coy said…
Interesting and I too wonder how the gosslings will make out. All the Canada goose nest I have ever located have been on the ground.
I had seen a Canada goose in a tree a couple of weeks ago, and I wondered if she was really going to try to nest up there. I had not seen that before. Guess it's not as uncommon as I thought.
Tina said…
oh that is so sweet. hubby took some good pics too ;)

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