Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something New Everyday

The red tulips that grow up against the foundation finally bloomed today. Now, that is not earth shattering but they are the first tulips to bloom here in the Sandbox. The tulip bulbs were a gift from my Mother in Law when we moved here. She has been gone since 1992. I rembember her when I see them bloom.

The Colchicum or Autumn Crocus had popped up under the Spruce tree. These crocus type flowers are in the family of Iris. The put up green leaves in the spring and then die back to come again in the fall as lovely mauve flowers.

The last little surprise for today was the emergence of the Double Bloodroot that I received from a friend who has a lovely garden and takes great pride in her plants. I would have been very ashamed of myself if this did not come up as my garden is less lush than hers. I hope it has a nice bloom. I will take a picture when it does. All for today.
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Dirt Digger said...

So jealous of the tulips! Can't grown them here in NJ with the clay.

Foley said...

Your tulips bloomed so lovely..mine are still in a tight formation, hopefully they will open as nice as yours! Beautiful remembrance.
I had ONE lonley mini crocus so far this spring... keep telling myseld it is still early!

A Garden of Threads said...

I hope your first flowering tulips bring back fond memories of your mother-in-law and your time with her. Have a wonderful day:)