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Leopard Frog on Straight out of the Camera Sunday

My husband actually took this picture.  I was jumping up and down with excitement because we now have a frog in our pond.  We built a pond  late last summer and is not completly finished.   I was thrilled that the fish survived the winter.  Now the plants are growing and the fish are thriving.   I consider the addition of a frog to the pond a wonderful bonus.  There was actually two a leopard and the other a green frog.   I guess the old adage is true: "Build it and they will come".    Join the fun at for Straight Out of the Camera Sunday.


You must have done things ecologically correct to your pond. You husband did a good job photographing the little thing, amid all the excitement.
I am so happy for you. Your pond is now complete. Have a wonderful day and take care.
Jan said…
Great capture, I really love this photo.
fairegarden said…
Frogs in a pond are the sprinkles on an ice cream cone. Well done, husband and wife for making a hospitable home for him/her. What a lovely blog you have, impeccable photos! :-)
gengen said…
This is cool and cute...Happy SOOC Sunday.

Mine is here
Dave said…
The frog picked out the perfect place to live.
benchwarmer said…
great pic! almost like he was popping out to tell you "i'm home!"

enjoy your tiny couple!
Sherrie said…
Great capture of a shot! Your hubby did good. Your frog looks totally happy there. Have a great day!

A View of My Life
Lynn said…
Good shot...the frog looks content. :D
Love the little face peeking out! A very cute capture!
Manang Kim said…
I agree in your adage. The will definitely thrive. Happy Sunday!

SOOC-bone man
I cannot tell you how jealous I am right now. I simply adore frogs and you have 2 of them living in your pond - you lucky duck! =) He looks so happy to be there too. I don't think I could lure him away even if I had a pond to try. ;-) (lol)

Lovely picture! =)

=) Happy SOOC Sunday! (lol) =)

Daily Mommy Survival
Lori E said…
That is a pond of dreams. Out here we end have to be careful not to end up with bullfrogs. They are trying to cull them because they are not native and have become invasive to the point of ruin of all other creatures in the waterways. They have even been seen to pull in a small dog or cat.
How great to have your own frogpond! A great photo of the little fellow as well. Hope he gets some friends there to :-)
Anonymous said…
Hello! I'm so happy that your pond is working out so well! Your pictures you have on this site are lovely.

I just wanted to let you know though, that this frog that you are calling a leopard frog is actually a green frog. You can tell because the center of the tympanum is light coloured, and the spots on the frog are not bordered by a light colour. Also, a leopard frog would likely have more defined oval spots, as opposed to stripish shapes. No worries though, because many people make this mistake. Also, green frogs travel long distances to get to ponds that suit them, so if they don't survive the winter or something, there is still a good chance you will get more the next year.

Happy Gardening!

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