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Baptisia australis on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Although it is not in full bloom I thought I would show you a beautiful plant with  violet blue lupine like flowers. Not only are the flowers this intense colour but the stems of the plant are also.  The plant is called Baptisia australis or Blue False Indigo.  It is the 2010 Perennial Plant of the Year for 2010 chosen by the Perennial Plant Association.   Baptisia is a plant native to North America that is home in any style of garden from cottage garden to meadow or prairie garden.  It grows 3-4 ft tall and can be 3 to 4 ft wide if it is happy in the garden. Flower arrangers love the charcoal black seed pods for use in flower design.  It loves the sun or partial shade in a well drained soil. This plant is drought tolerant after become established which is good here in this garden.  The plant has no serious insect or disease problems.

 The Native American natives used the Baptisia as a treatment for snakebite, bathe cuts and wounds.  The Colonists used the plant for a dye in their textiles.  This plant is in the family of legumes so fixes nitrogen in the soil through specialiazed nodes in the roots.

In this International Year of Biodiversity sanctioned by the United nations to reduce the constant loss of biological diversity world wide the Baptisia is a magnet for Sulphur butterflies and the Gray Hairstreak.  If you have not tried this plant in your garden do look for it at your local nursery.  To find more garden blooms join in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day at MayDreamsGardens here.  Happy Gardening.


I bought one last year, but is by no means as big as yours:( My baby has a long way to go. Thanks for sharing a bit of information on it. Have a wonderful weekend.
Heather said…
What a beautiful blog, Valerie - your pictures are fantastic and your writing is great!
Ruth said…
Your Baptisia is beautiful! Stunning photographs!
Town Mouse said…
How interesting! I was sure that this had to be an australian native. Well, didn't do my homework, did I?

Love the photos. Think I'll be back soon.

Happy bloom day!
This sounds like a flower that would work well in my front xeriscape garden. Is it full sun too? Thanks for the intro.
AliceMum said…
Hi Valerie..I am so glad you posted on my blog because then I found yours!! LOL I am a garden lover but definitely an amateur..I was thrilled to see the photo of the Blue False Indigo because I had been at a plant sale and had seen this plant (not in bloom) and wondered what it now I know and definitely have to add it to my garden!! Thanks for sharing that photo!!
Ewa said…
Hi Valerie, You were so right to post it - its very beautiful! fist photo amazing! Thank you for sharing,
Great photos Val. You know how you're not supposed to move it after a couple of years?
Well, that's where my new Fiskars rainbarrel had to go - right where the baptisia was.
It's coming back in the new location but it's like starting all over again with a tiny plant.
ryan said…
Nice bud photos. I like Baptisia, but have never grown it. It seems like a good plant.
Ellie said…
Love you photos! Baptisia is little known here in The Netherlands, but one of our leading small-scale growers just loves it. He says it is underrated and recommends everyone gardening on sandy dry soil to plant Baptisia. Your pictures convinced me - I am going to try one!
Hi Valerie,
Yes, baptisias are wonderful plants to grow. Your photos are awesome!

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