Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of June in the Sandbox

Is it just me or is spring and summer just rushing away.   It is already the end of June.   Ontarians always consider July and August as summer and then it starts to snowball towards the s...... word.     Every year that I get older the time goes faster.  I feel like a poor hampster on a wheel that is spinning and I am trying to keep up.     This week a beautiful little pink waterlily appeared on the pond.   There is a white one out there as well but it has not opened yet.  If you look closely you can see the fish just underneath the lilypads.  

This little pretty is a Stokes Aster "Blue Danube".   The plant likes a sandy soil and is drought tolerant.  The tag says that they should be grown in groups to give a good display but this gardener has never learned the lesson of buying more than one.   Planting in drifts  101 went right over my head.  

Here is the bud of another Stokes Aster.  I like to photograph plants in bud too.  Sometimes they are more interesting.

Just off the drive way I have Tall Meadow Rue or Thalictrum Polygamum a native of North America and probably seeded itself there thanks to a bird eating the mulberries in the tree above.   I love its airy little flowers.

I can never say that I grow roses well but this lovely little rose called the 'The Fairy' just blooms and blooms away during the season.  It has lovely little delicate pink blooms. 

Astrantia is growing out front on the northside of the house.   It has lovely pink flowers and grows intoa nice little clump.  It seems not to have any issues with insects or disease and seems happy enough out there in the flowerbed.  Next to it is the Hydrangea Endless Summer that has lovely folliage on it but no blooms.   I am disappointed in it.

As a member of the Garden Writers Association I am given items to try out and if I think they are worthy I am to write about them.   This is my new favourite tool.   I have made good use of it this week digging out all the grass that has been creeping into the flowerbeds.   It is great for getting in close to the plant and pulling out stubborn weeds.  It is even a good tool when you are planting as it digs a nice hole easily  to slip in the new plant into.   My husband used the CobraHead when we was putting edging in around the bog garden.  It dug a perfect channel to place the edging into.   I think it is a winner and I will be using this alot.
As I was taking photos of the various flowers I almost bumped into this little baby Dove sitting on the fence.  I could have reached out an touched it and it did not flinch.  So I took his or her picture.  They are kinda cute.
Happy Canada Day


loubieandwybiesmomma said...

I really love your blog. I guess I am a lurker lol, I say so because this is my 1st comment and I have been following you for a while. I do a bit of gardening myself, I have a small 20 ft x 10 ft garden, that I manage to grow a bit in :) Just thought I'd say hello!

bfarr said...

Nice series of garden shots. The rose is lovely as is the lily. Quite a large pond you have there.

A Garden of Threads said...

I just love the Fairy Rose, love the baby Mourning Dove portrait. Have a wonderful Canada Day. Take care, Jen

jenn-na-na said...

Oh just beautiful!

I bought "The Fairy" rose bush this year for my daughter's secret fairy garden. I can't wait to see it grow!

Lavender Cottage said...

Beautiful photos of your flowers Val, I especially like the Stokes aster - one I don't have.
Hubby & I went to the Globe for lunch today for our 38th anniversary and it was so nice.
We'll have to go out there soon as the countryside is breath taking along the way.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Fantastic shots and that third macro is amazing. Very well done

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Truly, your garden gives a marvelous treat! I adore that bird down below. :)

La Maison Reid said...

Your garden is so lovely and your photography is, too! That little morning dove is so fortunate that you got so close.