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My June Garden for Bloggers Bloom Day

It is a beautiful morning here in the Sandbox with it being cool for the moment.  We expect a rather warm day.  I am happy to participate to day in Bloggers Bloom Day and show off what is growing in the garden at the moment.  The Silene above is a favourite of my husbands as he remembers this flower growing in his Grandmother's garden.

This is the Mock Orange.  The flowers are quite delicate and almost look like a rose.
The Rugosa Rose is lovely and fragrant.  This year it has not been spared the scourge of my roses the Japanese Beetle.  They burrow into each new bloom and destroy it leaving you with a mess of disgusting petals.  

I always add the annual Cosmo to the garden.  In large drifts it is spectacular as they swing and sway in the breeze.  At the moment the ground hog has taken the heads of many but he missed this one.  There are many colours to choose from.   I like them all.

Please join us at MayDreamsGardens for more gorgeous blooms today.    Happy Gardening.   Valerie


Helen said…
Pleased to meet you, Valerie. Always nice to meet another Ontario gardener. And I, too, garden on sand... but under monster Norway maples.

The silene is very pretty, but the other three are among my all-time favourite flowers. My mock orange is finished now, so that must be your compensation for your behind-hand hydrangeas. Happy blooms day.
Town Mouse said…
How pretty! I can almost smell the mock orange. Happy bloom day!
Very pretty! And I really like the concept of your blog--gardening in a sandbox. I live in The Coastal Carolinas, so our soil is also very sandy. Nice to see such a great success story!
Hi Val, Your garden blooms are look great. Have a wonderful day and take care, Jen
kanak7 said…
Your blooms are beautiful! I love that Mock Orange and the Cosmos is an eternal favourite.
MulchMaid said…
I'm not familiar with that pretty Silene but could probably grow it here in Portland. I bet you could grow the Cistus in your sandy soil, though I don't know your zone: they are a bit marginal below 10 dgrees. Thanks for visiting my blog!
Your garden must be so spectacular with these inviting and luscious blooms. Fantastic photos.
joco said…
Hiya Valerie,

Me too sandy soil. Have you tried Foxglove? And Campanula persicifolia? Real success stories on sand, even in deep shade. I have fields of them at the minute. They are a moveable feast, butit doesn't bother me where they decide to pop up from year to year. Honesty/Lunaria too is easy on sand I find.
I too mourn the passing of Mock Orange. Another three or four days at the most.
Thanks for stopping by.
Carolyn said…
Your blooms are pretty- I especially love the mockorange.
The Japanese beetle hit the Island last year and there is a large colony just a few miles from us so I dread their arrival to the garden. Do they destroy anything else besides the roses and is there anything that at least slows them down besides hand picking?
Take care,
garden girl said…
Very nice blooms Valerie. I love mock oranges - such pretty, fragrant blooms. And cosmos is one of my favorite annuals. I don't think we have enough sun for them here, but I'm going to give them a try anyway.
joene said…
Masses of silene are lovely. I love that flowers connect us to our past memories. It helps keep long gone loved ones alive in our hearts.
The silene is new to me ... have to research it. Your chose flowers for bloom day are perfect. The Rugosa Rose is my favorite. In my area, I believe there will not be many Japanese beetles this year as they were hit by a virus last year. But I'm sure they will be back. Lovely post!
Blackswamp_Girl said…
Lovely blooms! (And I love your blog title, by the way. I assume you have a sandy soil similar to mine--are you near to Lake Erie, then?)

The masses of silene are very pretty, and I think it's sweet that your husband remembers them from his childhood. And I smiled at the image of the cosmos waving in the wind!
EG Wow said…
Lots of pretty pinks in your garden right now!
faroutflora said…
That Rosa rugosa is pretty vigorous. Does it keep out blooming the beetle, or just sneaking ahead? Matti
Sylvana said…
That Silene flower looks like our native catchfly. I like it too!
Ruth said…
Your flowers are very pretty. I especially like the picture of the mock orange.
maiaT said…
You have very pretty flowers in your garden.
I'm familiar just with the Cosmos flower but they are all beautiful.
Hi Valerie,
You have lovely blooms for GBBD. The Silene remind me of Dame's Rocket. I tried to look them up, but didn't get it figured out.

Those mock orange blooms are awesome! I planted a mock orange last year. It's growing, but it hasn't bloomed yet. Maybe it won't until next year.

Thanks for the nice comment on my post. Some people look as they go by. There are some who are not into gardening or flowers, and they speed by, stirring up dust.
Wonderful flowers for Bloom Day. Do like your Mock Orange. I'd really like some cosmos for my garden as well, they look so great near the end of summer here.
Debbie said…
Happy Belated Bloom Day! The flowers og your mock orange are so lovely and delicate. For some reason that's a plant that is not commonly planted here in CT but it looks like a lovely addition to our garden.

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