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Becky for Mosiac Monday

Leucanthemum x superbum or Shasta Daisy 'Becky' is blooming in the garden.  The plant has large white multi petalled flowers with a yellow centre.

Becky makes a nice big clump.  The flowers last for many weeks.  Dead head for more blooms  Seen here Becky is in combination with a yellow yarrow and purple salvia.  All are drought tolerant and happy in less than ideal soil conditions.

This butterfly would let me get my lens right up close but he would not open his wings for me.

Many more mosiacs can be found at Mary's DearLittleRedHouse.  Join us won't you.   Happy Gardening week.  It is going to be a scorcher here so water early in the day.   Valerie


Hi Val, What a wonderful mosaic, I like the picture with the butterfly. I will be indoors for a few days with the smog warning. Take care, Jen
eileeninmd said…
Bbeautiful mosaic! The Shasta Daisies are just lovely! Have a happy 4th of July and a great week!
Freezing last week, roasting this week - crazy weather!
Yes, I'm in my glory now that my dining room is filled again.
Snap said…
I LOVE daisies. They are such a happy flower! They make me smile. Lovely mosaic!!!
Traci said…
Beautiful flowers and mosaic!
Lori E said…
My daisies are almost open. They were planted here before we moved in and we have been here 27 years. They are such happy plants.
What kind of butterfly is that?
Georgianna said…
Wonderful photos! I love Shasta daisies! I discovered a huge field of them along a roadside and will be back to photograph them this week. Have a lovely new week. – g
Mary said…
Sooo beautiful! thanks for sharing this wonderful flower at MM. :)
Hi Val.
Love the mosaic and the daisies...but that butterfly -- Dang I am jelous.

I have not been able to capture one in years. (photography wise) :)

I am heading out this week to a garden and hopefully find some.

Have the best week.

EG Wow said…
Hey! Good for you capturing the butterfly in the daisy!
Sheila said…
Thanks for setting me straight - sometimes I notice errors after the fact but might not have noticed this one - 143 it is...(I've never been good with numbers)
Your daisies are fresh and happy!
Glenda... said…
There's not a lot of flowers that are prettier than fresh white them.
thank you for being so faithful to visit my blog and commenting. I appreciate it.
Anja said…
Hello Valerie,
it is always so nice visiting your place!
Have a good week!
Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. The black cohosh (whose foliage did in fact used to be dark but has been green for years) is one of my favorite plants--it's just so perfect for the space it's in, too. I am a master gardener volunteer, but you don't need to show your ID to get a cohosh, lol. Love the astrantia in one of your previous posts. I've never grown those and didn't even realize they grew in MI until about a month ago. :)
Self Sagacity said…
Woww!I love the butterfly on your daisy! It matched so well, would love to have such wondeful surprise in my garden.
Dishesdone said…
Your mosaic is fabulous! Gorgeous flower!
Wendy said…
Lovely, just lovely. My shasta's are just starting to bloom, too. Love your flowers...
Becky is beautiful - I think her cousin lives in my garden though it might be another week till she opens her blooms.

I wish the butterflies around here were as obliging as yours. Great photos.
Riet said…
What a beautiful mosaic.LOve those flowers.
You mosaic is stunning and the flowers are gorgeous.
Hi Valerie,
You have a wonderful blog; love your flowers! I am so happy you stopped by and introduced yourself! Another Canadian blogger I'm happy to meet! I also drink a lot of coffee and not just tea. My party is one in which you can feature tea, coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea, etc.
I would be honoured if you joined me. The more the merrier as they say! Let me know and I'll link you up. I'm your newest follower.
Hope you have a lovely evening.

KarenB said…
Thanks for stopping by, I'm definitely heading back to visit. I was a Master Gardener in Illinois. Then we moved back to Southern California and I can't keep anything alive! I don't think we're on sand, I think it's decomposed granite. Your daisy mosaic is very pretty. I like the little gardening advice included.
Suzy said…
Love seeing your daisies. For some reason mine are very slow this year.
xinex said…
Beautiful photos, Valerie! I especially like the one with a butterfly....Christine
Jenn said…
I've always love daisies and you have created sucha wonderful mosaic showcasing this beauty.
Pondside said…
What a fresh mosaic! Our shastas won't be out for a while yet - still cool out here.
Kathy said…
gorgeous daisy photos! So lovely that you caught the butterfly on one! Great shot!
I have two giveaways this month! Hope you stop by,
Love those shastas! They're tough and reliable. Mine are just starting to bud up with the cool spring and summer we've had so far (but today is warm, yay!).

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