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It Is A Hot Day In The Sandbox

It has been blistering hot here in the Sandbox this week.  The temperature is in the 30s C but with the humidity it is in the 40sC.  I make my rounds in the yard with a cup of coffee in the morning about 6am.  I fill up the birdfeeders and replentish the water in the various troughs and birdbaths to look after my little friends the red squirrel, black and grey squirrel, chipmunks and various birds.   I have seen at least three garder snakes in the flowerbeds.  I give them their distance.  The first photo is a picture of the Lavendula or Lavender 'Munstead', a Sedum ' Autumn Joy' and Lychnis 'Maltese Cross' .   All pretty easy to maintain in the garden.  The Lavender gets a pruning in the spring to keep it in bounds.

Acanthus 'Mollis' is a first time bloomer.   A fellow Master Gardener and I shared a very small cutting of this plant a couple of years ago.  Last year I was thrilled when I saw that it survived in my garden.  It did not flower last year but it was alive.  When it emerges in the garden  it is rather late at about the time that the Columbine is in bloom.  It looks like the leaves of a dandelion although larger and shiny.   I was astounded when I saw one bloom stalk and then two and then three.   I just love the colouring on it.   I have been told it will create a huge clump if it is happy where you plant it.

I thought that the flower bed on the south foundation wall was looking kind of good this morning so I took a picture.  There is Daylily 'Chrimson Pirate', a dwarf daylily that reblooms, 'Stella D' Oro' Daylily, Trumpet Vine, Coreopsis, Coreopsis 'Zegreb', Lychnis- Pink Campion, Sedum 'Autumn Joy' and Yucca or Adams Needle in this bed.  All take the hot sun with very little stress.  They give lots of colour here.

This is the Yucca or Adams Needle in bloom.  I think this is one of the very first plants we put in the ground on this property.  It takes the heat and the dry with no problem.

Hydrangea 'Annabelle' is an amazingly easy hydrangea to grow and it gives you these big full blooms.  They are great in floral arrangements.  The only downside I can see is its tendency to sucker.   If you grow it be ready to divide it often for plant sales.

A female Rose-breasted Grosbeak is sharing the birdfeeder with a sparrow.  It is a joy to watch the wildlife in the garden. 

In the vegetable garden the tomatoes are starting to put on fruit.  This one is 'Brandywine'.   Last year we had no tomatoes because of the rain.  I am looking forward to a tomatoe sandwich this year with one of these. 

Happy Gardening Everyone.   Valerie


Dirt Digger said…
Love love the photos! So jealous of the lavender. Love the Acanthus as well. Have just the opposite in terms of soil, wet clay here in NJ.
Carolyn said…
Your garden seems to be thriving in the heat! I love watching the birds in the garden too.
Your garden is still ahead of ours as the Annebelle are not blooming yet.
It is hot and sunny here to but a nice breeze.
Take care,
bfarr said…
Wonderful series of your garden.
Val, I am so jealous of your acanthus. Mine is still small and no blooms so obviously not happy. I'll have to move it.
Enjoyed seeing the flowers and birds in your garden.
Marydon said…
Val ~ I an GREEN with envy ... we are having the same heat here & my gardens are turning up toes ... oy!

Your florals are gorgeous ...
Have a lovely summers eve ~
TTFN ~ Marydon
Anja said…
Thank you for the tip with the Lavender, yours is wonderful. The southside of your garden I appreciate it very much. All your fotos are so lovely.
I love that mollis. I have a spiny bears' breeches that was late in coming up this year. I have a large container I plan to sink to keep it from spreading. It hasn't bloomed yet. Something was eating the leaves in the early spring, but it seems to be growing now.

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