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August Bloomers for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

My husband and I arrived home yesterday from nine days away camping in Lake Superior Provincial Park.  We had our neighbours watering our plants while we were away but you always wonder what state the gardens are in.   We had grass as tall as a wheatfield and lots and lots of weeds in the garden.  There were some nice surprises though and that is what I am sharing today for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  My first photo is Phlox paniculata.  I do not know its cultivar.  It is so dainty with its blooms of white with a pink centre.

When we left for vacation the hardy hibiscus had loads of buds but not one had flowered.  When we pulled into the driveway we spotted the shrub just loaded with them and many more to come.  This one is called 'Pink Blush'.  The flowers are the size of a large plate.  The plant dies completely to the ground in the winter and becomes a shrub of at least 5ft by 5ft in one season.   Easy care.

The Japanese Anemone is not always a favourite due  its aggressive nature  of spreading  itself in the garden.  I love its pretty pink flowers.  In my garden it has not become a thug yet. 

The Cardinal Flower or Lobelia cardinalis was what I was anxious to see.  It is a new plant that I purchased in the spring at the North American Native Plant Society sale for the bog garden.   It had  buds on it when we left and this is what I found yesterday.  It has the clearest red colour.  I was very pleased with the blooms on this plant.

'Miss Ruby' Buddleia that was introduced by Proven Winners last year.  I agreed to trial it for my friend Judith at Lavender Cottage as we have two very different growing conditions.  She has clay and me sandy soil.  Miss Ruby is just glorious out in the garden.  I saw the hummingbird at it this morning.

Lastly I do not grow a lot of hosta as I have too much sun and not much shade along with the fast draining soil.  Hosta like a soil that holds moisture and some shade.   This fragrant hosta is a winner for me.  Our former neighbour was getting ready to move and my husband asked for a piece of this hosta.  I gets to be a good size and does have a lovely fragrant flower on it in August.  It does tolerate some sun on it.

I hope that you will stop by MayDreamsGardens to see more posts from enthusiastic gardens the world over. Happy Gardening.  Valerie


Hi Val, Welcome back. I hope you had a wonderful and restful time away. Your garden blooms are fabulous. Love the Cardinal Flower. Take care.
Bernie said…
Lovely blooms ... that Hibiscus is a stunner! I can only imagine what the whole shrub would look like covered in those gorgeous white flowers.
How lovely to come back from your break to be greeted by that sight ...and those gorgeous Phlox flowers!!
Kimberly said…
Your blooms probably missed you in spirit and wanted to put on their best show for your return...gorgeous!!!
Hi Valerie, thank you for stopping by my blog on Bloom Day. I love your phlox. What a gorgeous color it is. Also, your pretty hibiscus, so dramatic those perennial ones. I have three, a red, 'Moy Grande' and some other pink variety. I can't grow the Lobelia because the heat here is too much for it.

Thanks again. Loved seeing your flowers.~~Dee
LC said…
What lovely photos... especially the beautiful shot of the phlox! Larry
Anonymous said…
The Hibiscus is a great plant at this time of year. And your plant is a stunner. It has a very delicate color and the close-up photos are beautiful and well composed.
Carol said…
Love the Hibiscus and Lobelia! Beautiful photos! ;>)
Xan said…
Love the pink and white theme!
bfarr said…
all beautiful, but the phlox is stunning : )
noel said…

you have some beautiful blooms you are sharing with us today, all the colors are quite exceptional.

i love the hardy hibiscus, its a nice color combination and looks like it totally loves the hot sun
Alison said…
All your flowers are just beautiful! I'm growing Lobelia cardinalis for the first time this year, and it's blooming wonderfully. Mine loves a boggy site. It is such an intense shade of red, which I haven't seen in many other flowers.
Rose said…
Looks like your garden did very well while you were gone, Valerie. Love that phlox! It looks like a 'Miss Holland' I've seen in a local public garden. The hibiscus is definitely a winner, too; this sounds like an easy-care plant that I should add to my own garden. Happy Bloom Day!
It looks like your neighbor did a good job of taking care of your garden. I love the look of the phlox, the combo of the white and pink is perfect.
Hey Val!
Welcome back. Bought another hydrangea from Dugald at the OHA convention and saw EG Wow there.
With less rain this year, my cardinal flower is not as tall as last year but like yours is a vivid red that I love.
Like your new look!
Tufa Girl said…
The blooms knew you would be back and were happy to see you. The hibiscus is my favorite.
Incredible Valerie having a shrub that makes all that growth and flowers so beautifully in one season - thats a winner for sure. I see too that the butterfly bush has lots of new buds aswell in the background. I like the way its flowers seem to be quite a bit longer than a normal butterfly bush.
garden girl said…
Isn't it wonderful to come back to such beautiful garden surprises! Your phlox and hibiscus are gorgeous, and I love the cardinal flower.
Georgianna said…
Valerie, your phlox is GORGEOUS! I am really impressed with how healthy it looks. I think you are very brave to leave your garden at this time of year but looks like everything is just fine. So glad you had a relaxing getaway!
I'm glad I made it to your bloom day post. You sure have some beauties! I love that phlox, and I wish I had a good spot for cardinal flowers.

I like your anemone, too. I just planted 'September Charm' anemone a couple years ago, and they are just starting to spread. I have them near a corner where a spring blooming primrose, I think, which also spreads, is growing, so they can have a little competition. I will keep them pulled at the edges.

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