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August Natives for Wildflower Wednesday

Great Blue Lobelia, Lobelia siphilitica  is the first wildflower I want to share with you today.  This is its first year in the bog garden.  It has just started blooming and will form a spike of blue flowers with deep green leaves. This plant is perfect for the bog garden as it likes moist soil.  It will grow in sun or partial shade.

Little Blue Stem, Andropogon scoparius is looking just great out in the garden along side its big brother Big Bluestem. This grass is grown for late season interest and warm rich colouring.  This is a clumping grass that does not travel by rhizome.  In the fall it turns from green to bronzy orange.  Grows in average well drained soil in sun.

The shrub Potentilla fruiticosa is just glorious with its bright yellow flowers.  This is a tough little shrub good to a zone 2.  I have seen them up north just clinging to rock  and blooming away.   Is not fussy for soil and likes the sun.  It is heat tolerant.

Second year vine to the garden is Virgin's Bower, Clematis virginiana is in the family of the buttercup.  It has a reputation as an aggressive vine but so far it has not been in the garden.  I have had to tie it up as it climbs on the arbour though.  In the wild it grows over anything it comes in contact with.  This plant may be a problem for people that have sensitive skin.  I just think the tiny little white star shape blooms are so interesting.

Here isLittleBlue Stem's big brother Big Blue Stem, Andropogon gerardii.  It grows very tall at perhaps 8-10ft. At the moment it is leaning after all the rain we had last weekend. This grass is also a clump forming plant.  It has a blue cast to the foliage in the fall.   A moisture rich soil is recommended by it does not get that here in my sandy soil and I have seen them in the conservation area in dry soil doing just great.  This grass attracts birds and butterflies to lay their eggs.  A great specimen plant in the garden.

Last Wildflower Wednesday I showed you Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum. At that time it had not fully bloomed.  It has been blooming since July and does not look like it is finished yet.  It grows in the bog garden with Joe Pye Weed and Swamp Milk Weed, Cardinal Flower, Great Blue Lobelia and Ironweed.   It does require a moist environment.

I hope that you have enjoyed a small look at the wildflowers that are blooming in August.  For more great ideas for your wildflower garden join Gail at Clay and Limestone  for Wildflower Wednesday.


Hi Val, My Virgin's Bower has not flower yet, maybe not in enough sun. I do like the Boneset and lobelia. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week. Jen
Gail said…
Hello, I am so glad you're celebrating my favorite grasses and wildflowers. I love the blue stems, but Big is too big for my Susans bed! Love the Potentilla fruiticosa, she's so lovely and I saw it growing in the foothills of the Rockies~it's a hardy plant! gail
MWebster said…
Those are some beautiful wildflowers. I Especially love the Great Blue Lobelia.
I have never seen the lobelia, very pretty and what great shots. Wildflowers can be so beautiful.
tina said…
I just ordered that little bluestem. It looks so cool! Glad to hear it is easy to grow too.
Rose said…
A great photo of the boneset--I've never seen one fully in flower like this; it really is lovely. The Bluestem grasses also look striking, especially when they catch the sun's rays. Great choices for Wildflower Wednesday!
Autumn Belle said…
Lovely wildflower natives!
garden girl said…
Great blue lobelia will hopefully be one of the next natives added to our swale - such pretty blooms.

Potential invasiveness is my only concern in considering virgin's bower for our garden. I'm glad you're not finding it to be so.

Beautiful native blooms in your garden!
Patty said…
Wonderful photos. I have not had any success with either of the bluestems so I am happy to see how well they are growing for you.
DoanLegacy said…
Gorgeous gorgeous shots of these flowers!

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