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Dewy Mornings for Fertilizer Friday

Have you noticed lately that the ground has a heavier dew on it and it has been cooler in the mornings? It has been this way where I live.   To run out and take pictures in the morning you need your "wellies" on to keep your feet and your pjs dry.  But, it does offer an opportuntity to get some artier shots.   I will show you one down the post.   The blue morning glory looked so nice I thought beside Coreopsis 'zagreb' in this photo.

I purchased Clematis Alternafolia 'alba' just a while ago at Lost Horizons nursery.  It is a bush forming clematis.   I did not expect any flowers this season but the other morning when I was out I noticed this little bell flower.  It is so wee.

Clematis microphylla or Virgin's Bower has little starlike flowers on it.   This is it's second year.  It is growing up an arbour to the vegetable garden.   I have heard that this is very aggressive but so far I have not found it to be. 

Clematis orientalis is an autumn clematis.  The little flowers hang down with a red-orange centre.  This plant is agressive.  I started it from a little cutting and I have one climbing all over the side of the house and this one is growing up the arbour by the deck.   If you want something that is easy to grow once established and want to cover something quickly this is the plant for you. 

This is the Clematis Orientalis in bloom.   They are loaded on this vine.  The blooms last a long time.  A very hardy plant.

This is my arty shot.  It is dew on the asparagras ferns taken with the sun in the back.   I thought it looked quite airy.  Hope you enjoyed a look at what I found interesting in the garden this morning.   For more great garden photos join Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday.    In the meantime...Happy Gardening.  Valerie


My autumn clematis is also covered with blooms. I like you artsy picture Val. Have a great weekend. Jen
Sue said…


noel said…

i'm enjoying your garden views this the blues on this first photo

thanks for sharing that with us today
The asparagus fern looks so dainty with the dew on it Val.
You actually go out in your PJ's to take photos? I'd love to be lurking behind a bush and get a shot of you with your camera and coffee in hand. LOL
Wow, what stunning shots. Your compositions are so artistic in nature.
Loving your shots!! Great artsy one!!! That morning glory is stunning!
These are so lovely. I've never seen them before and they are gorgeous! :)
Karen said…
I love the blue morning glory photo, how very beautiful! And I am 'guilty' of being outside in my PJ's too, but have no worries since my nearest neighbors are a 1/2 mile away! Thank you for sharing this today; brought a smile to my face!
Hi Valerie,
What gorgeous shots! I love the asparagus shot; beautiful! The tiny white bell flower is so sweet too! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

Suzy said…
The morning dew is one of my favorite things to photograph. I get so excited when I see all those droplets. Love the last shot!
Tootsie said…
my season is winding down I am appreciating your clematis. I am so glad you linked in to FF this week...I am happy to have you...and hope you will link in again soon...your flaunt this week is wonderful!

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