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White Datura for Macro Saturday

We have several White Datura that come up from seed.   Because the compost pile does not reach 160 degrees F the seeds of any plant or weed that we through in there does not become cooked or pastuerized.  So, any compost that you take out in spring and put on the flower beds has the potential to sprout.  I know these plants are poisonous if they are eaten but because we have no small children or pets we leave a few to flower because they are so pretty and interesting.

I am joining Flowers-Macrophotography for Macro Saturday.  Happy Gardening.  Valerie


maiaT said…
I love this flower and its strong scent, though it is toxic.
My grandmother had one in a container and I have very beautiful childhood memories of the flower.
Have a great weekend!
Marydon said…
Have not seen this plant before, it is pretty, tho.

Have a lovely eve ~
TTFN ~ Marydon
Bren said…
Thank you for leaving a comment on my page so I could stop by and see your fabulous garden.

I love your Macro shares and your Bio is totally true : It IS a big world out there! I am so happy to have found your garden.

Looking forward to following you weekly.

Best Wishes from my Garden to your 'sandbox' - Bren
Wow, great shot of the Datura.
BJ Roan said…
I've never seen or heard of this flower. It sure is pretty.
Lori E said…
My sister's Daturas are up against the house under the eaves and they don't die back to the ground. The just lose their leaves and start right up with new ones in the spring. She lives on Vancouver Island.
Very pretty and a great shot. I've never seen these flowers. Thanks also for the information.
Amazing plant! I have never seen it before! It almost looks like a lily! Beautiful photo!
Lui, Heaven said…
It is beautiful Valerie and since it is toxic, I am glad I can enjoy it in cyberspace! Thanks!
Ann said…
It's poisonous, is it why it is ordinarily called devil's trumpet?

I think I visited you before, because the sandbox name is familiar, and I am interested that you live in Ontario.
The Gardener said…
It looks like a paper cup! Loved its milky color. Too bad I cannot have that in my garden as I still have young girls and pets.

Anonymous said…
I've never heard of this flower. I love white blooms in a garden, and no... your blog template is not too flowery. Guess I was talking about the ones that are all matchy matchy on the header, the sidebar titles and the outer area... Most of them come from just a few specific template designers, but yours is the lemony one from the Blogger Template Designer and is much more subtle I think.. Looks really nice... Now, I'm not the designer guru that I may have made myself sound like on my blog post... guess I was just on a tangent... LOL

Flower Town said…
Is it also known the Philippine lilies? I was just wondering 'coz it looks like it but I may be wrong. Great photo and I love the white and simple color.
fini said…
Thank you for the information. I never seen this flower before..
NatureFootstep said…
Interesting flower and a good photo. It looks a little like white leather , unusual and I like it.
Anonymous said…
So very pretty! Enjoy your weekend
Maureen said…
Volunteer dats? What's not to love!

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