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Beauty Is Where You Find It.

This week I was sent a bouquet of flowers from a lovely lady that allowed me to hang out in her garden for our recent Master Garden fall tour.  If you are ever in downtown Newmarket, Ontario go in and say Hi to Karen who owns Flowers by Prestige. She does some amazing arrangements and her garden was beautiful.  I had the best job just talking to people coming to visit the garden.  But, being the gracious host she was sent me this bouquet that included Gerbera Daisies.  So, this first picture is one of them. 
Gerbera Daisy 9-17
As I was walking up the front walk to my friend Jennifer’s GardenofThreads house this week my eye was caught by the sight of a newly opened Sunflower.  As I did have my camera in my hand I took these shots.
Jen's sunflower sideways with logo Jen's sunflower 
I thought I would share these photos at FindingBeauty and MacroSaturday. I hope you enjoy them too.  Happy Gardening.  Valerie


Kate said…
Popped over to say hello and thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. You're neighbors with Garden of Threads?? How fun is that!!? I love her blog. Your photos are fantastic. I look forward to reading your posts. :)
pam said…
Beautiful pictures. I look forward to a better camera some day to be able to do Macro shots....I LOVE them. Hope you have a grand weekend!
Hi Val, Karen gave you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, she is so talented. Sunflowers look good, chippy can be thanked for them. Have a great weekend.
leavesnbloom said…
That was lovely gesture receiving that bouquet and the macros are lovely.
Anonymous said…
What absolutely beautiful images!!! I love the gerbera daisy- they are just the cheeriest flower around!

My hubby bought himself a new Sony a230 - I am so hoping he will let me use it! Would love to take some beautiful pictures like this!

bee blessed
Rosey said…
What a sweety! How lucky to have connections like that! Your macros are fantastic.
BJ Roan said…
Beautiful gerbera! But the side view of the sunflower is fantastic!
Linnea said…
These close ups are wonderful. I love the perspective you shot them at. It reveals so much detail. Enjoy all the flowers!
Jama said…
Gorgeous flowers! I don't have plants in my highrise flat but lots of my neighbours have potted plants just outside their doors which I photographed frequently. One of them have red roses blooming right now and I'm always there photographing. lol
Ann said…
Gerbera Daisies last and last. My friend had an oral surgery. I gave her a pot with flowes. Twos weeks later, they are still blooming.
Gerbera daisies are gorgeous. I really like that second shot, very creative...
Shel said…
Your photographs are absolutely stunning.. what a lovely blog. Will be visiting again soon. Thanks for stopping by.
bfarr said…
How lucky that you have friends with gardens and who own garden shops. An endeless supplies of photo ops.
Maggie B said…
I adore sunflowers and like you I keep my camera handy when I'm out and about.
You just don't know what's going to pop up in front of you.
Have a lovely weekend
Ruthi said…
awesome... love the macro shots of the the sunflower especially the first one. so gorgeous.
Your composition of your shots are great.

While you are taking shots of often times photographed flowers you put a lovely spin on them.

Thanks so much for joining us on Finding Beauty... you certainly did it.

Nathalie said…
The flowers are just lovely!

they always brighten up someone's day, don't you think?
Judy said…
I love photographing sunflowers, especially from the sides and the back! I love the way the seeds develop, in circles like that!

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