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September Blooming for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

colchicum 9-13 with logo

You know it is fall when the colchicum’s are in bloom.  One day they just appear in the garden without any warning.  I have heard them called bare ladies because they have no foliage at this time of the year.  They are a wonderful surprise.

Red aster crop with logo

In the front garden I have a red aster. The tag has disappeared so I can not tell you its cultivar.  Asters come in many colours. It forms a good size clump. This one is drought tolerant.

Miscanthus Huron Sunrise 9-11 crop with logo

A few weeks ago I posted Miscanthus sinensis “Summer Solstice.  This one is a relative of that called Miscanthus sinensi ’Huron Sunrise’.  They both have beautiful pink plumes that turn a white colour over the winter and hold their shape even though the snow piles up around them.cosmos bon bon 9-13with logo

Cosmos ‘Bon Bon’ threw us another bloom.  If your order flower seeds try Renee’s Garden Seeds.  I grew some mesclan seeds from Renee’s in a container this year.  I wish I could tell you they were delicious but the ground hog had lunch on them before I got any.

Well, this is my offering today for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Visit MayDreamsGardens for more delights from the garden.   Happy Gardening.  Valerie  


Cyndy said…
So interesting how the colchicums just come up one day - no preliminaries, just there they are! Love that red aster...
Carolyn said…
Your colchicums are so pretty-I don't have those yet. I love the asters and the miscanthus too.

Enjoy your day,
Hi Val, Just love the aster and cosmos, a wonderful shade of dark pink. I to mentioned my colchicums, so pretty this time of year. Have a great day.
Marcia said…
Lovely pics. I tried to transplant one of the colchicums this spring. I knew where it was from last year and when it sent up its spring leaves I dug it up and moved it. It was a no show!
Town Mouse said…
Wow, love the grass. Tempting, but probably wouldn't like clay. Happy bloom day!
Rosey said…
I LOVE the bon bon cosmos. I grew them last year and was pleased. I started them a little too late this year and they got frozen. Bummer.I still have seeds and hopefully some will still be good.
Your blooms are wonderful!
leavesnbloom said…
Valerie I've told myself that I have to get out into the garden today to see if my colchichiums have appeared yet - they really do take you by surprise.

Miscanthus is a grass that I have tried to grow in my garden due to climatic conditions. I love those beautiful thin plumes of pink and cream especially with the sunlight shining through them. You've certainly got a substantial clump of them there - it makes a lovely combination with the conifer in the background.
noel said…

i love what you have presented to us this september, your photo with the miscanthus is so beautiful, it really captures this grass so well
I like that pink cosmos Val and the red aster is fantastic. I think I ended up with two 'sky blue' so need to change one I guess.
While you & Jen are posting photos, I've been writing about bird behaviour. ;-)
Valerie, I planted colchicums for the first time last year, but they seemed to be a bit floppy, I think they must need to grow up through a ground cover to keep the blooms erect.
Love the Huron Sunrise, I saw it in the spring, and thought about it, but now I will make sure I get it, beautiful.
Thanks for your comment and thanks for sharing your garden! It's a breath of fresh (read: cool) air for me.
Gail said…
Summer Solstice is a good looking grass~If it can hold up against snow I wonder if it will tolerate winter rains? Speaking of rains~I think the big rain events killed my colchicums! Yours are so lovely. gail
Karen said…
'Summer Solstice' is a very attractive grass, and if it holds up to snow, I'm doubly impressed! The colcichum is another plant I need to look into. Thank you for the information!
Christina said…
I love the colchicums, I'll try to make space for some here. Your Miscanthus is a wonderful colour, they are one of my favourite grasses
Birdwoman said…
Your garden is beautiful. I love that Miscanthus. I can just imagine it up to its plumes in snow during winter. (Snow - that's the white stuff, right?)
Georgianna said…
That Miscanthus is marvelous! I haven't had tremendous luck with grasses, although I love them. Nothing like the morning light coming through. Wonderful to see what's in your garden, Valerie – thanks for sharing and have a super weeekend!
Rose said…
Sorry about your mesclun; I grew some of Renee's seeds, and I can tell you it was delicious:) Love that Miscanthus--I don't think I've ever seen this cultivar before; such lovely plumes! The red aster is a beauty, too; most of the ones I see around here are purple.
Beautiful miscanthus! I have some called Graziella Miscanthus...which we are quite enjoying as well.

Thanks for visiting me at My Front Porch.
Nan Ondra said…
What a charming collection of pinks, Valerie. Thanks for sharing them for Bloom Day!
Slugyard said…
Gotta love fall blooms. Other than some roses, I don't have too much still trying to flower.

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