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A New Love in the Garden for Fertilizer Friday


All summer I have noticed in various gardens and on garden bloggers posts a plant that has caught my eye.  Lovely long stems of blue fluff.   I just had to know what it was and could I grow it in my sandy soil.   The plant in question turned out to be Agastache or Anise Hyssop.   The other day I was going into my favourite superstore for a few things and outide the door were shelves of plants.  I stopped to look at what they had and my eye caught sight of blue.   Sure enough it was my hearts desire and the rest is history.

Blue Forture Agastache

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune is in the family of mints.  You can tell that by the square stem.   It has the most wonderful smell of licorise.  It grows in full sun and well drained soil.   Originally this plant came from China and Japan and was know to grow in poor ground.  Agastache will bloom in Zones 5-9 Cdn from mid summer to end of autumn.

IMG_4294 Here is the tag.

with bee and logo

This fellow was on it before I could get it planted.   I have heard that this plant produces many seeds that pop up all over.   I will be happy to have it survive the winter.

I have just one other flower to show you that is just blooming now.  I planted a large container quite late and placed a Canna in the centre.   I have searched high and low for the tag but I can’t find it.   You may recognize it anyway.

Canna 1

It is not fully open yet but I wanted to include it today.   Join us over at TootsieTime for Fertilizer Friday.   Happy Gardening. Valerie


Bernie said…
Your Agastache is such a lovely colour ... it's not a plant that I'm familiar with, but like you, I've seen it on blog posts and always admired it. Your Canna is a real stunner ... such great summery colours. Nice flaunt!
Hi Val, If you get any seedlings, I have my name on one. Love the colours of the Canna. Take care, Jen.
Karen said…
Agastache is a wonderful plant, and I look forward to seeing it prosper in your garden. Love the canna, what a beautiful flower!
Cyndy said…
Oh you are going to love that Blue Fortune agastache, I think. It does seed around, but the seedlings are easy to pull. Lately, I've had gold finches all over mine :)
Darla said…
Agastache is one I don't have, might look into it. Cannas are great reliable plants!
RainGardener said…
I've noticed Agastache on different garden posts too. I think I'd better look for some. That Canna is beautiful, I've never seen a multi colored one before.
Pretty! It is so fun to stumble across exactly what your looking for!
Greenearth said…
So pleased you found the plant you have been looking for. It looks very beautiful and sounds like it smells wonderful as well.
If my agastache survivies the winter and I thought I'd pulled it all out - Jen can have one of mine.
The seeds must have sat silent for a year and decided to grow this spring.
The canna is a pretty colour.
Your BLue Fortune looks very healthy. I have or had it but it has died back now so I am wondering if I killed the poor thing or if it just went dormant.Guess I will know for certain next spring.
Love the Canna bloom. I am no help at all on the name of it. I have never grown them but I love some of the variegation's and blooms of so many.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Yes, you should get some volunteers, and they bloom the first year in my zone 5b. I'm glad they stay pulled when you don't want them in a certain spot, or they are too close to each other.

I like the colors on the cana.
Tootsie said…
isn't it a great day when we find something new that we love to put into our gardens??? I am happy for you...that is one pretty bloomer...your flaunt today is lovely...thanks for linking in!
Jillsy said…
I have the same canna in our backyard and it blooms for months! The only thing is that each bloom has such a short life and then drop off into the leaves where I have to pick them out constantly.

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