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The New with the Not So New for Fertilizer Friday


I am having fun trying out all kinds of fonts on this blog.  Haven’t decided which I will keep.   There are so many free ones out there in cyberspace.

We have had a week of rain and no sunshine.   I get kinda crazy with out sunshine.   I need it to bring out my sunny side.  There are plants that just bloom away despite the weather and I want to show you the ones that stood out this week.

Aster laevis 9-29 with logo

The Aster Laevis or Smooth Blue Aster is a native to North America.   In the sandbox it is probably 6ft tall with many stems of blue daisy like flowers.   When I was taking this photo the bumblebees were all over it.

red aster with bee and logo

I have shown this one before but the plant is just loaded with bloom.   It is the Red Aster (sorry do not know the cultivar).   The bumblebees were liking this plant too.

Donkey spurge 9-29 with logo

The Euphorbia myrsinities or Donkey-tail spurge is not in bloom at this time.  It has yellow flowers on it in the spring.  But the plant really stands out in the border because of the blue-grey leaves in a spiralling column.  This plant does really well in the sandbox because it likes a hot and dry site. Even in the winter under the snow this plant is looking good.   It does self seed and produces many more plants than you need.   Just pot them up and give them away. 

Clara Curtis bloom with logo Chrysanthemum ‘Clara Curtis’  is blooming is several spots.   I love the delicate pink flowers.  This plant can be aggressive in some gardens but I have never found it so in mine.  It is recommended that you snip the tips off in early July to keep the stems from becoming too leggy.

Over the weekend I was in one of my favourite plant nurseries.  They had a big sale on of plants so I came home with a few.   The fall is a great time to divide or plant perennials as the soil is still warm and the roots get a good start.   In the spring they are ready to grow and bloom.













Chelone Lyonii ‘Hot Lips’  has a beautiful pink flower that blooms in the late summer or early fall.   I will have to find it a location in part sun.  It like a moist location so it may go to the bog garden.  We will see how it makes out.

Echinacia Green Eyes

I love coneflowers so I just had to have this one.  It is Echinacea ‘Green Eyes’.    I did buy a couple of others but I did not want to write a book here.  Time enough next year to show them off if they do well.

I hope that you have a great weekend.  It is already October.  Next weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada so will be getting ready to have the family come to dinner.   Join Tootsie at TootsieTime for Fertilizer Friday.   Stay positive.  Valerie


Ruthi said…
Your macro shots of flowers are awesome! very vivid... very sharp and the colors are stunning. great compositions.
Hi Val, Fantastic photos of whats' blooming in your garden. Take care and have a great weekend.
Karen said…
The euphorbia is so pretty closeup; I think I too often dismiss foliage for flowers, but not this time. Yes, fall is upon us, but you'd never know it looking at your floral display!
Crafty Gardener said…
You have some lovely blooms. Have a great day.
Heather said…
Wow, I like the pink chrysanthemum, just lovely! Yup, Thanksgiving next weekend and I'm looking forward to it!
xinex said…
Your flowers are gorgeous! I can just imagine how lovely your whole garden looks like...Christine
What beautiful pictures of your plants. I have the same Hot Lips turtlehead new this year; it bloomed for a good long time, but the color turned out to be more of a purple-pink than a rose-pink. Thanks for visiting me; and I sure hope your rain stops.
Darla said…
Love the Euporbia!
How sweet. I loved the Donkey-Tail spurge - very intriguing! And your autumn flowers were beautiful, especially the fall garden mums. I don't think ours is the same variety - the petals look different, but my senior mom does have some that are a similar shade of pink in her gardening projects and we are enjoying both ours and yours! :)
Your photos are gorgeous!! As Are your flowers!
Have a great weekend!
Wonderful photographs as always, love the new text too :) It is very elegant.

All things nice...
I am longing for some sunshine. Every time I visit Kilbourne Grove, it is raining. Hard to get anything accomplished.
lisa said…
Great post and lovely photographs.
And thank you! Now I know what all the little blue flowers around my barn are (Smooth Blue Asters)! They really are everywhere, and they are so pretty.
Asters are such hardy flowers and always so cheerful. Coneflowers are a favorite of mine but they are waning now. Love your colorful shots.
maiaT said…
Lovely flowers and beautiful photos.
Ann said…
Thanks for lovely informative post. Echinacea, do you use it for medicinal use? Once, I had zinc, Echinacea and garlic wheihc I take every day as a supplement to prevent flus.

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