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When is a Pumpkin not a Pumpkin for Macro Saturday


Pumpkins growing in the field is a beautiful sight at this time of the year.   Yes, pumpkins are used for carving at Halloween but this weekend they will turn into something else.   This weekend, the last weekend before the C word is Canadian Thanksgiving.   This is the time many families put aside their differences and belly up to the table laden with Turkey and Cranberries and Pumpkin pie with whipped cream.   By Monday we are going to feel bloated on account of all those calories that we stuffed into our mouths.    Bring it on!!!!

ceramic pumpkin with logo

This pumpkin has no calories.   It is just a pretty little ceramic pumpkin that is sitting on the sideboard in the dining room just to give it the autumn feeling.   

pumpkin pie with logo

This will be the star of the show on Thanksgiving day.   It will be one of a couple.  There are some people at my table who will opt for two pieces.   My oldest son says he is making an apple pie.  I can’t wait to see that.  I know he can do it but will he?   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We expect warm temperatures so get out and enjoy it if you can.  

Join us at Macro Saturday if you have taken a nice close up or a macro.   It is fun to share.   Valerie


maiaT said…
Oh boy, what a good looking pie.
I've never tasted a pumpkin pie, because we have no Thanksgiving but I'd like to be at your table this weekend.
The shiny ceramic pumpkin is lovely too.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! Your pie sure looks tasty! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend filled with good food and surrounded by loved ones.

Lui said…
That pumpkin is MINE! Oh, I have not tasted a pumpkin pie before. And we do not have a thanksgiving day either with turkey and cranberries etc.

I am in deep envy. ;-)

And oh, I enjoyed the ten things you do!
Oh yes, pumpkin pie will be visiting our Thanksgiving table and it very welcome. Yum!! Have a wonderful dinner.
You are just teasing me now with that pie. Pumpkin is my all time favorite pie and that looks divine. I could eat the whole thing myself.
Karen said…
What lovely pumpkins--in the ceramic & pie form! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving...ours won't be til November, but I think having it earlier in the year makes more can still go out and walk off the calories when it's not so cold out!
Kebeni said…
i have never made pumpkin pie!! I think i should try it
Ann said…
I was about to ask if you polish your pumpkin,
BJ Roan said…
The pie looks yummy. I only make them once a year, so hope I can come up with a good one without practice. Nice post!
Jama said…
I love that ceramic pumpkin!
bfarr said…
That pumpkin pie looks delicious. I'm it tastes delicious too.
Val, I like both of your pumpkins but especially the one you can sink your teeth into. :-)
The weather here in NB is fantastic, leaf colour is great.
Have a happy thanksgiving.
Crafty Gardener said…
Have a wonderful, long weekend. I must check out macro Saturday as I love taking macro photos.
Betty Jo said…
Happy Thanksgiving!! Your little pumpkin is beautiful, and that pie, Yummmmmo!! Please save me some pie; pumpkin, apple, or both.
NatureFootstep said…
the pumkin is very well polished I think. But it looks good. .)

Have a nice weekend.
Georgianna said…
I could live on pumpkin pie. :) Happy Thanksgiving!!
Perlenkatze said…
HAPPY HALLOWEEN and a lot of fun with your loved ones. I love your pumkin too. :-)
Mumsy said…
I want a piece of that pumpkin pie! Looks so good..
Self Sagacity said…
The pie is very tempting looking and thanks for a brief summary of what pumpkins are made for in your world.

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ruthi said…
oh your pumpkin pie looks so yummy.
Linnea said…
Yum, yum. I love homemade pumpkin pie. This one looks delicious! Thanks for stopping by...greetings from NorCal.
Nathalie said…
We don't have Thanksgiving here in the Philippines, but I would love to try that pumpkin pie on Christmas. I wonder if it's okay...

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