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A Year in Review for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

In my neck of the woods of southern Ontario and in particular my own patch called the Sandbox I garden outside for three seasons: spring, summer and fall. Winter here is cold and snowy.  The trees, shrubs and perennials all take a nap until the soil warms up again in spring.
We had a very good growing year with very warm temperatures and a reasonable amount of rain. The plants looked good with no long periods of drought and certainly not like the season of 2009 where we had too much rain and not enough sunshine.  It was quite perfect for producing good bloom and growth.
I decided to offer you a small offering of what grew well in the Sandbox.  I chose those blooms that were especially lovely but there were others I could have added.  
Spring mosiac
A yellow early daylily, grape hyacinth, white trillium, pink peony, clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’, Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’, Double Bloodroot, peach daylily, and a blue columbine.
Summer mosiac
Bear’s Breeches, Cosmos ‘Pink Pom Pom’, Cup Plant, Rose ‘The Fairy’, Gaillardia, Lavender ‘Hidcote’, Daylily ‘ Canada Goose’, Hydrangea ‘Pink Diamond’, Cardinal Flower.
Fall mosaic Clematis orientalis, Smooth Aster, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ with morning glory, Chrysanthemum ‘Clara Curtis’, deep pink cosmos, Echinacea purperea, Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’, Phlox paniculata, and a red aster.
There were so many others that were equally glorious in the garden.   We are getting heavy frosts now.  All the annuals have succumbed.   I am planting bulbs now for the spring showing.  
Join Carol at Maydreamsgardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  I am also joining Tootsie for Tootsie Time.  I hope to see your post there too. Have a great weekend.  Valerie


Carolyn said…
You had some beauties in all seasons.We had a very heavy frost last night so I was out taking pics this a.m. Your manuel shots are greaI need to practice that too-I usually use av now. I would love to take a course too.

Bernie said…
Beautiful flowers, Valerie. I simply adore that peach Daylily, the Magnolia flower and the stunning Calamagrostis. Your mosaics are lovely ... it sound like you've had a great growing year! Can't wait to see your Spring display.
Hi Val, Your garden looked beautiful spring, summer and fall. I guess it is time for you to rest as well as the garden. Take care my friend.
You've obviously had a very colourful year! I love that you grow so many of the same plants I do, but in such a different climate - I'm in the South West of the UK. Really brings home how versatile so many of our garden plants are.
Gail said…
I love that you are celebrating the year with this Bloom day post~It's a good idea and I might borrow if for November~We ought to have had a frost by then~ Happy Bloom Day~gail
Millie said…
Beautiful mosaics...and almost like a gardening encyclopedia!
Karen said…
Valerie, you have absolutely stunning mosaics and what a nice way to display all the flowering glory in your garden throughout the seasons. I'm sort of looking forward to winter in a is nice to take a break from the gardens sometimes. I look forward to your spring bulbs!
noel said…

what a very nice tour of your garden this morning, i enjoyed the beautiful flowers and collection.

thanks for sharing that with us
Porch Days said…
This is great! I need to study the photos as there are some flowers I am not familiar with. Thanks for visiting Porch Days.
Darla said…
Very beautiful.
Just gorgeous!
Tootsie said…
every season is as pretty as the next in your gardens...I have been kind of looking at the same thing in my photos...getting ready to do my seed order for May's flowers in 2011
feels like a long time
have a great weekend...thanks for sharing your pretty flowers in FF with me!
Hello! This was my first post to GBBD - so happy I did as it led me to your post! I love the composition of your post. The year in review is a great idea and so stunning with all the blooms in one spot! Thanks for sharing your garden.
Rose said…
This is a great idea to showcase the best performers of the year. My eye was really caught by your clematis 'Guernsey Cream'--is it blue? And the aster in the last photo is a stunner. No hard frosts here yet, but it won't be long. We have to enjoy these last few blooms while we can.
Kathy said…
There are treasures in every season. Did I see some colchicums in your header? If so, what variety are they?
One said…
Valerie, Those are great mosaics. It's interesting that you could classify your flowers based on seasons. Interesting. Our flowers are the same throughout the year unless they die on us.
Paul said…
What lovely colour and diversity. I have family and friends in Canada, and always pictured it as winterbound for most of the year. But being such a huge country I'm sure that there is more diversity than most other places on the planet. I hope to visit one day.

Thank you for the lovely welcome to GBBD.
Wow! Frosts already, that makes me feel very lucky; it is a bit like a second spring here in Italy. We do have frosts but not for a while yet. Lovely photos of the year in your garden, lots of very interesting plants, many of which need too much water for me to sensibly grow. So lovely to be able to enjoy yours, thank you. Christina
leavesnbloom said…
Valerie thankyou for visting me for GBBD. I think your collages are lovely and I really am admiring your calamagrostis. While out weeding today I decided that I had to move mine into the sun as it is not liking the position I moved it to this time last year - I've hardly got a flower spike on mine unlike yours that is standing so tall in your fall pictures. How do you stop the rain from damaging the stems?
A treasure trove of floral beauties. Your mosaics are exquisite.
Andrea said…
Hi Valerie, maybe this is my first time here, just followed your comment somewhere. Your collections are beautiful, though i specifically love the blue ones like the grape hyacith. They look so exotic for me, especially because we don't have much blue flowers in the tropics.
Miss Kodee said…
We have had a spectacular year for blooms here in Ontario! I love how you grouped your best of gardening photos for a collage for each season. *Inspired to try my own*
Georgianna said…
I love seeing this progression, Valerie! So much variety and so much beauty. It's really awe-inspiring, isn't it? Beautiful photos, too. Have a lovely weekend! – g

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