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A Linen of Vintage

My decorating style has always leaned to the country side. I have a need to feel cozy and secure and nothing says that to me but all things of nature.  I used to practice what I now call the cluttered country with lots of knick knacks but I have pared way back over the years.  Gone are the stenciled walls and wallpaper border  of cows with everything cow everywhere.   I have asthma.  I can’t even go into the barn but I can appreciate the animals from afar.  

The other day I was tidying up the dressers where I keep all my tablecloths and as I was bringing them out and refolding I realized I have a small collection of vintage tablecloths.   They predate me and I am vintage.  The table cloths are small so not big enough to place on the table for large dinners.  All are made of cotton and have pretty patterns and colours.   I figure I can bore you with them for a few weeks.  

The first one I really like.  I have seen the pattern used in all things country and on many quilts.  I call it a Fruit Basket design. 

harvest table cloth

Perhaps the initial use of these cloths was for the kitchen or perhaps a card table. Ladies often used to host card parties in the afternoons.   My Mom was a shark at canasta and know it is still fashionable to hold bridge games in the afternoon.  Card tables were smallish and this cloth would fit it.   I’m Romanizing it I know.

basket of fruits and flowers I love the colours of yellow and brown.  It makes it so suitable for this time of the year.  I love the fruit in the basket with tulips, leaves, grapes and acorns.

table setting    

The other evening I attended the Annual General Meeting and Banquet of my Horticulture Society.  The theme was “In a Country Garden”   One of the ladies has a handy husband who fashioned these sweet little wheelbarrows out of scrap lumber and bits and bobs.  There were seven of them in all.  One for each table.   All of the wheelbarrows was painted a different colour.   Seven members took a wheelbarrow home and did their own arrangement in them.   I will share the others with you in another days post.  There was a dried  or fresh arrangements in a couple, an herb garden in one and this one was at my table.   It has a summer squash, hot peppers, raddichio, endive and mushrooms in it.  As my chair had the colour sticker on the bottom of it I got to take it home.   The candle sticks were turned by my husband some years ago. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at my vintage linens.   Drop by My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.   Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.  Valerie


Bernie said…
It's a lovely cloth ... and so well suited for an Autumn tablescape! I just love that little wheelbarrow too. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your collection ... the tablecloth seems to be losing favour with my sons' generation.
Hi Val, What a find and it was in your dresser the whole time!! It is perfect for this time of year. Beautiful. Take care, Jen
Hi Val
I think those small tablecloths were for card tables and sometimes used as a topper over a regular cloth.
This one is a nice seasonal cloth and I look forward to seeing others.
Bella said…
Hi Valerie, What a lovely tablecloth, I love those vintage prints too :-)) I think it's wonderful your husband made the candlesticks, handcrafted with love makes the best table!
Hi Val,
Your table cloth is perfect for Autumn! I remember those card playing days when my parents used to host a night during the Winter and have friends in. It was a big deal as my mother didn't entertain company that often. Me, I'm just the opposite! I entertain once a week! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

That is indeed the perfect Autumn tablecloth!
I have downsized quite a bit too, except for my art supplies which seems to keep growing by leaps and bounds. The vintage tablecloth is such a warm, inviting one. Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing a bit of your life. Connie
Karen said…
Hello Val, How wonderful that you won the wheelbarrow centerpiece! I also love the candlesticks your husband made. The tablecloth is so pretty, I wish I had your ability to decorate so nicely. I look forward to seeing more of these as you share them with us.

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