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Five Informative Gardening Books


This morning I was reading France’s post at Fairegarden on her favourite gardening books.   It was all very interesting but I don’t live in Tennessee.  I live in southern Ontario in a zone 4B with summers that can be dry and hot.   My soil here is sandy and although it is amended yearly with compost the nutrients are quickly depleted and lost through the porous soil.   Frances was inspired to make her list from a post on North Coast Gardening topic of Five Favourite Gardening Books.  So here goes for a few of some gardening books that I use.


This is my bookcase in the computer room that has only gardening books in it.   These are my go to reference books.

stack of books

These are the books I want to share with you today.   If you are looking for gardening books for a gardening friend for Christmas I recommend these for a start.


To be a successful gardener you need to know your soil and how to feed your soil and why you need to feed your soil.   This is a terrific book that explains the Soil Food Web, those living organisms that live in our soil and how they break down the organic materials in the soil to make a place for plants to get nutrients to thrive.

Perennial Gdn Guide

John Valleau from Heritage Perennials put out this publication some years ago that list many great perennials, their growing conditions, watering needs, zones, sizes and shapes.   It is my go to book.  He does have a newer version but this one is well thumbed at my house.

Readers Digest

For general how to information it is all in this book.  Generally geared to Canadian gardening needs it covers the basics on all aspects of gardening from fruits and vegetables to tree and shrubs, perennials, annuals and houseplants.   Good all round book.

100 Easy Natives

This is a great books for gardeners who want to use some native plants in their gardens.  Lorraine Johnson is an expert on native plants in this area.   There are listings of 100 easy to grow natives with all their gardening needs.  You can choose just the ones that will thrive in your growing location.

Well Designed Gdn

Tracy DiSabato-Aust is no stranger to many of us gardeners.   I am sure that most of us have one of her books in our book shelves.   I like this one because even though she is not growing in my specific location the plants are explained in detail of where and how to grow them and how to mix them into your gardening environment.

So, that is just a peek into my bookcase.   I hope you will post about your favourite gardening books and pass the word along.    Looking forward to spring and getting back out there to my garden.   Valerie


Lori E said…
I have a lot of gardening books from Rodale Publications. I used to get a new one every 3 months for a library collection and they were wonderful.
I too have such sandy soil and it becomes dust in some spots. Those areas are next to impossible to get wet as the water just balls up on the surface like mercury and then rolls off to one side.
It doesn't matter how much I try to improve that section it just disappears like you said. Does it blow away? Sink deep into the earth? I can't figure it out.
Georgianna said…
I love seeing your choices, Val. I have a fledgling library compared to yours and very different conditions but I'm sure there's much I can learn from most of these. And from the list on North Coast Gardening. Thank you again and hope you are enjoying this festive season! – g
Hi Val
Having the same books except a different one of Tracy's I too rely on them, particularly when writing.
John Valleau's new book has newer selections in it but the pictures aren't as good and I mentioned this to him once; he was disappointed in the format of the update himself.
That was one nice thing when our MG group used to meet at Evelyn's garden bookstore - time to browse and buy for our collections.

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