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A Cold Day in the City


“The screech and mechanical uproar of the big city turns the citified head, fills citified ears – as the song of birds, wind in the trees, animal cries, or as the voices and songs of his love ones once filled his heart. He is sidewalk happy.”      Frank Lloyd Wright

Our camera class was encouraged by our teacher to join a photography club to share photos and experiences with people with the same interest.   The club that I joined tries to go out once a month on field trips.   Yesterday, was my first field trip and we went into the big city of Toronto where we were to meet at Union Station and then take a walking trip to the Distillery District.   It was one of the coldest days we have had so far and I bundled up with extra mitts and socks just in case in my camera bag.    My mosaic today is just a capsule of the sights we found along the way. 

City mosaic LR

This particular view of BCE Place has been in many photographs of Toronto.  It is an amazing expanse of glass down a long indoor walk through.  The different provincial flags of Canada can be seen flying in the corridors of Union Station.  We went to St. Lawrence market, a really busy place to be on a Saturday where there is all kinds of imaginable feasts for the eyes and for the stomachs.  If I was not carrying a tripod and a backpack of lenses I would have purchased something.   In the Distillery District, a historical group of buildings that have been converted into trendy boutiques was a flower shop.   It was a warm place to get out of the cold but it was source of happiness for my gardening starved soul.   Lovely roses were arranged in containers.   I wanted to bring everything home with me.   I hope you enjoyed the peek of our day in the city.  

A big thanks as always goes to our host of Mosaic Monday, Mary.   Have a great week everyone.  Valerie


eileeninmd said…
You are doing well with your photography. Wonderful photo choices for your mosaic.
We had great time, we have similar photos. But a seem differently. Great job. Jen.
Your photos turned out wonderful and I love the varied photos in the mosaic.
GrandmaK said…
I can certainly see why you wanted to bring all the pastries home. Oh, if only I weren't such a carboholic...I do love my carbs...Wishing you well! Cathy
Carol said…
Great shots! Love the markets, such pretty flowers and the those breads look so good!
Mary said…
What wonderful shots! Sound like such fun to go on a photo walk!
Rajesh said…
Wonderful set of shots for the mosaic.
podso said…
I love the variety in your mosaic. Lovely shots and well placed!
Custom Comforts said…
What pretty pictures and those pastries look yummy. You were brave to go out in that cold especially since it's usually even colder in downtowns.
How exciting to be studying photography and be with others who study it also!!! Beautiful photos and I understand the flower shop feeling...I'll bet you didn't want to leave!!!
Have a beautiful week!!!
EG Wow said…
What a great field trip, Valerie!
Sounds like a fun, but cold day Val. Love the St. Lawrence market - not a place to be with your hands already full.

I would love to be in a camera club but I have not found one here that meets during the day.

Those shots are wonderful. I have a tripod but rarely use it. I think I shall give it a try soon.

Kathy said…
What a lovely excursion! I can imagine the sites being marvelous - love the flowers - can't wait to get in the garden too!
Wonderful mosaic,
Mary Lou said…
I love the idea of field trips with like minds. Your mosaic is gorgeous.
It was so cold this past weekend! I can't even imagine being outdoors and taking photos. You deserve a gold star :)
LDH said…
Lovely photos, Valerie! The cold didn't stop you from getting some great shots!
Beautiful photos of the market in Toronto! Roses in winter are always so special. My husband has been in Toronto on business in January, so I know how cold it can get ..much like our weather has been this winter.
Sheila said…
That must have been an interesting day and you will no doubt enjoy the experience of belonging to a club that takes field trips together. I would love to do that. Great photos!

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