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In Bloom at the End of February 2011


Amaryllis bulb 2-25

I purposely kept my amaryllis bulb in the cool basement over the winter season because there were so many other things of colour going on.   I potted it up a few weeks ago and brought it up to the light last week.   You can see it is sprouting nicely.   At this point I am hoping that the sprout is a flower and not leaves but at this stage I can’t say for sure.   I will share it with you if it is a flower for sure.

yellow orchid edited

The Yellow Orchid has produced a second bloom so I wanted to share it with you.  So far the mealybugs are at bay on this plant. 


violet plant edited 

Despite taking oodles of photos of the violet this morning I could not get the violet bloom in focus with the buds.  I tried manual focus and auto focus and then I gave up….for now.    I just wanted to share with you that this violet as it is blooming its head off at this moment.    So, that is about the extent of blooms for now.   It is snowing outside and the weather people tell us we are going to have lots of snow to shovel by this afternoon.    The bright side is that March is right next door.  Things have got to improve from here on in.    Enjoy your weekend.   Valerie

Join me as I share with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday at TootsieTime and with Laura for Macro Friday at BloggingfromBolivia.   See you there.


Darla said…
Good luck with your Amaryllis...that yellow Orchard is stunning and the violet photo is great..really shows off the foliage!
I love violets such pretty flowers. Your yellow orchid photo is just gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
Yellow orchid is A++. Gorgeous!

Olivia said…
Love the orchid shot!
Rosie said…
How beautiful! I love that promise of your Amaryllis shot!
Evelyn S. said…
I wish I had bought an amaryllis bulb at Christmas! Next year! What a wonderful way to add some color to these dreary winter days.
deb duty said…
Lovely photos! Love the little bit of greeen peeking out.
Hi Val, The amaryllis should give you great flower blooms by March, when we are needing colour. Driving back on Sunday and I do not like to drive in the snow:( Take care and have a great weekend. hugs, Jen
Now that is very exciting- I love watching the progression from sprout to flower. Beautiful
Janice said…
I love your photos! That amaryllis is particularly eye-catching.
Courtney said…
Oh my goodness... These are beautiful!
Vrinda said…
Wow!! These snaps are amazing.

thanks for stopping by,

Mumzie said…
I love your blog and pictures! I understand about getting the camera to focus on that bud because it happens to mee too. Very nice post and the pictures look beautiful. Mumzie
Well I will vouch for the Amaryillis, it's a bloom for sure.

Love them, I held off on mine until just recently, I like to see something blooming in Feb/March.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
KT said…
These are absolutely fabulous!
Crafty Gardener said…
Lovely blooms to brighten up the last days of winter.
leavesnbloom said…
It won't take long for that little bud to bloom now that you have it in the heat. I sometimes have the same problems with photos - yesterday I had a terrible time trying to get good crocus shots in the garden - they all kept blurring. Your orchid is looking well and as for those dreadful mealy bugs I hope you keep clear of them - sometimes they even hid under the rim of the orchid pot.

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