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Artful Tablescapes for Mosaic Monday


tablescape mosaic



















Following the theme of”Rhythms” at  the Canada Blooms event this year the booths were decorated with the “Juno” vibe.   It may be possible to read the signs at the back (by clicking on the mosaic) to tell you who won the Juno for any particular year and what the colour scheme was for that year.   It goes back 40 years so even I reminisced about some of the groups and singers I idolized at the time.    In the Garden Hall were tablescapes too with beautiful arrangements made by various garden club members.  The picnic table was in one of the gardens. Had to include it as I love a picnic in the summer. 

Music mosaic

Music was a large part of the displays.  Top left was a piano in the Tribute to Oscar Peterson.  Apparently this amazing musician loved to play his piano out on his patio in summer. Wouldn’t you have loved to be his neighbour?  CDs/DVDs were used as a display in the main gallery as you came into the show.  In one of the gardens “ A Symphony of Delight” was a pond made to look like a piano with hand carved stone to make the keyboard. The last was a design in the garden halls to fit the vision of the show.

Thanks to Mary at Dear Little Red House for hosting Mosaic Monday each week.    See you there.   Have a great week.  Valerie


Lori E said…
Those were fun but I couldn't get the picture big enough. Clicking on it just doesn't get it big enough.
eileeninmd said…
Wow, all the tablescape are so colorful and pretty. Beautiful shots, I wish you a wonderful week ahead.
Pondside said…
What fun it must have been to see all the displays!
Oscar Peterson played at the convocation for Carleton University in 1973 - I'll never forget it!
Carol said…
The tablescapes are so colorful, they really pop! Love it! And the music displays are fun! Canada Blooms has a lot going on, great show!
Gorgeous new is fabulous!!! Those wonderful tablescapes are something else!!!
Have a beautiful week!!!
Great photos Val. I'll bet you still have enough of Blooms to last a few more weeks. :-)
Vee said…
All very nice and my favorite is the picnic table, which just appeals to my sensibilities. I'm glad that you included it as it appealed to yours, too.
ellen b. said…
Fun mosaic of tablescapes. It's so funny that the picnic table one seems to be my favorite. Have a great week!
Beautiful tablescapes, but I to love the picnic table. There is nothing better then a picnic in the summer. Take care, Jen.
podso said…
Interesting, and fun to see!
Rajesh said…
Beautiful mosaics with table decorations and music.
Mary said…
Wow, what fun! Love the floral piano -- it's amazing what some of these designers can come up with! Thanks for sharing at MM> :)
Mary Lou said…
Your post just looks like one big happy time! I love the cd one.
Happy day!
My garden haven said…
I love the tablescapes.I spy some pretty tableware there too.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful tables. Loved the mosaics!
xinex said…
Beautiful mosaics! What a treat to see lots of lovely tablescapes too...Christine
I love beautiful tablescapes! I found a vintage Christmas tablecloth today...puts me in the mood to decorate a table for the holidays! lol ♥
g.suzie said…
What a fun mosaic, lots of beautiful dinnerware and creative
The piano pond is amazing though
love it!!!
Happy week to you!
Ambika said…
Loved your post and your blog! These tablescapes can really spice up a meal. Thanks for dropping by my blog too!
Jill Harrison said…
what amazing tablescapes - some of them hardly have room for food!
Thankyou for coming to my blog, I really appreciated hearing from you.
I loved all the bright and cheery tablescapes and picnice table setting. The flower piano is so pretty.

In regards to your next post --I think Blogger has been having some photo display problems lately...I've seen the same problem on a few other blogs. Hope they clear it up soon!
Shirley said…
Canada Blooms looks like an incredible exhibition! I am impressed! A pond made to look like a piano! WOW!

I posted some photos from the Home and Garden Show here in Edmonton.
Shirley said…
I am having format problems on two of my blogs. I hope it's just a glitch.
Shirley said…
I think my photos are showing up fine. At least I haven't heard anything to suggest otherwise and on my end they are. What I and a few other bloggers are experiencing is the move of our side panel to the bottom of the blog and our headers missing. Anyone else having this problem?

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