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Vintage Thimble Holder for Mosaic Monday

Thimbleholder for mosaic

I was looking for something in a drawer for St. Patrick’s Day which is next week and I came upon some boxes that I had forgotten about.   In one of the boxes was this lovely little vintage thimble holder.  It belonged to my husband’s family and I do not know if they made it or purchased it.  It is so sweet.  I can sew but I have not put those talents to work in years.  I can still sew a button on a shirt but the sewing machine has dust on it.   This lovely little piece would have been in the sewing kit of the lady of the house and handy for a quick mend.   Someone put a lot of work into it.   Hope you like it too.
Stop by Mary’s at DearLittleRedHouse for Mosaic Monday.  You will find real treasures there too.    Have a great week.   Valerie


eileeninmd said…
WHat a cute little holder, someone was very talented. Great find.
maiaT said…
These old pieces are sweet sentimental values. This one is a beautiful piece indeed.
Ohmygosh Val, that is so sweet. Love, LOve it. What a treasure. Have a wonderful week.
Never heard of such a thing. very cute. I actually have a couple of thimbles that belonged to my husband's grandmother. I love using them when I quilt since i always like to think my hand is touching where theirs has been. kind of a connection across generations.
GrandmaK said…
The thimble holders are unique. I don't think I have ever seen one until now! They are very lovely! Have a grand day! Cathy
Snap said…
how wonderful! what a lovely little treasure!
pam said…
That is beautiful. I've never seen anything like that before. My mind starts wandering back through the years wondering about who made it.

How lovely. I recently rediscovered my mother's sewing box full of treasures. I shall have to photograph it and make a mosaic someday - not enough hours in the day!

Have a wonderful week.

Lori E said…
That is a wonderful little piece. It would be adorable set up on an antique peddle sewing machine.
Lorrie said…
This is an interesting sewing item I've never seen before. What a lovely piece of work.
Naturegirl said…
Very charming.My MIL loved thimbles
she had quite the collection. She would have loved this.
Aw these are so special. I love 'em!
This is a very pretty vintage treasure! I never saw a thimble holder before. It is so sweet that it was made to look like a lady's fine hat!
This really is the cutest little thimble holder...I've never seen one! I love sweet vintage sewing items! ♥
Mary Lou said…
What a great treasure. Did it have a thimble in it so you knew what it was? Cute mosaic.
ellen b. said…
What a fun mosaic. I don't think I've ever seen a thimble holder either. You asked about Cabela's on my blog. It's a huge sportman's store like Bass Pro Shop.
EG Wow said…
Oh, it's so sweet! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Ahhh, I love this thimble and the cool mosaic!
leavesnbloom said…
That is just so beautiful. I can remember playing with my grandma's thimbles though I've never seen a little cover like the one you have.

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