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The Cook’s Staples for Macro Friday


My friend belongs to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program in which she picks up a basket of vegetables and fruit monthly throughout the winter months. Her family has sensitivities to many foods.   One of them is onions so when onions are included in the basket I get them.  The newest basket had lovely red salad onions and garlic, staples in our house.   I thought they looked so good I took a photo of them.
A Community Supported Agriculture program is one that uses organic and sustainable farming practices.   Members can purchase a winter or summer package that can be picked up weekly, biweekly or monthly and can contain fruits and vegetables, free range eggs or organic meat and poultry.   My friend said that this month’s basket included a fruit pie baked at the farm with the farm berries.   If you are interested in knowing more about this program here is the link to just one of the many out there.   Check your area for them.    Eating healthy these days is of great importance for our health and the maintenance of the environment.   The Coopers CSA farm can be found HERE
Laura at Blogging from Bolivia is our host for Macro Friday.   See you there.    Have a great weekend.  Valerie


One said…
You have made onions and garlic look so lovely.

Simple and elegant.

Ewa said…
I just seen the comment above and was going to write almost the same, I never whought that onion and garlic will make such a great shot :)
Ewa said…
I just seen the comment above and was going to write almost the same, I never whought that onion and garlic will make such a great shot :)
Anonymous said…
What a blessing! I go through onions and garlic like they're going out of style. We're short on CSAs here in the desert, though.

Lovely shot, by the way. Thanks so much for sharing.
Buckeroomama said…
This is quite a lovely shot of the onions! :) I wish we have CSA here.
Love that shot- We are big garlic fans in this house
We've done that...but now we do a local farmers market basket program. I can practically smell that photo! So great!
Anne U said…
Great shot, looks good.
Simply said…
amazing macro.. and I love CSAs so awesome you get to share in that!Thanks for visiting me today! I love yourblog
Mary Lou said…
What a wonderful thing!! I'm not a big garlic fan but love the photo.
Courtney said…
I LOVE this! I'm so going to look into CSA and see if we have the opportunity to get a basket locally. Thanks so much for this information!!!
Karen said…
What a creative photo, sometimes the most common items make the prettiest pictures. The CSA sounds wonderful.
Henrietta said…
I saw on television how Jamie Oliver was in USA and he was in kindergarten and the children didn't know what was the potato, they did identify french fries but not a real potato. How bad is that!? Here in Finland "trash food" is not so usual and it is as expensive as the real food so I think we eat quite healthy and gene manipulated vegetables are forbidden here. There is always something how we can eat better and healthier but our children knows what is potato for now but who know what the future will be!?
That community sound really good idea and I would join you immediately if I would live there:) Keep up the important work for future of the nature and the people.
Have a nice weekend
Dharma Chick said…
One good photo of a great subject.
Byddi Lee said…
CSA is a great project - it supports local growers and provides people with fresh healthy vegetables. Glad to see you guys can work around the food allergies!
Great macro shot Val. Hope the BD party was fun and you had your cake and ate it too. :-)

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