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Oh Why Me Rant



I agreed to be one of the gardens in a garden tour given by the Friends of the Library.   I must have been delusional because I really don’t consider my garden worthy of ooohs and aaahs from visitors.   I garden on sand not lovely loam or water holding clay.    Anyway,   here I am scurring to make a silk purse out of a sows ear in time for June 18….showtime.     I had trays of annuals and vegetables under the table on the deck out of the sun.   The other morning we awoke to find most of the flats chewed to stubs.   Here is a poor tomatoe.   He will be okay but I cannot say the same for the others.



I found the culprits yesterday afternoon coming out of a huge hole under the deck.   In fact they had several places to emerge.



This one is one of a family of four.   All little fur balls that have a cuteness factor but are really eating machines and what do they like to eat you may ask?   Nice juicy plants that have been watered and pampered for a garden tour.    This gardener is cowering in misery.    Now what do I do?  Do I cancel myself from the tour?  There may not be anything to see.  Boo Hooooooo.    We borrowed the neighbours trap but they just blitzed right through that.   Right now I have a radio turned to some wild music down in the hole.   Hope they take the hint.   Next up a blast of water from the hose.  


On a lighter happier note the Bridalwreath Spirea is blooming so beautifully out by the sidewalk.


Miss Kim in the garden 6-2

The dwarf lilac Miss Kim is in full bloom out in the front garden too.  St. Francis is keeping watch out there.


The red Japanese Tree peony that our boys gave me a couple of Mother’s Day ago is blooming so prettily.

I am finished crying on your shoulders now.   Have a great day.   I will be posting my rant with Laura for Macro Friday and Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday.   Valerie


Well, they are cute little pests. :) We have a lot of moles around here and they're just scary!
Ashley Sisk said…
At least they photograph well and the last shot is beautiful.
Oh Valerie, this is just not fair.
I know how hard you've been preparing for this tour, only to have this happen.
I hope your plants can recuperate in time and that more aren't eaten severely. I've heard of people that feed deer so they won't eat their plants - is this possbile with groundhogs?
Crafty Gardener said…
We discovered one one of the tomato plants broken off today too ... hopefully not one of those night creatures. Good luck with the open garden.
xinex said…
I hope you can keep the critters away at least until after the tour. Our chipmunks ate all the strawberries. Your flowering bushes are just gorgeous!...Christine
My garden haven said…
I totally understand your feelings, and my shoulders are yours to cry on. My nemesis is the squirrel!
Carry on the good fight, dear.
My garden haven said…
The peonies will be the main attraction! Keep calm and cool and everything will turn out wonderfully!
Buckeroomama said…
That one in your photo looks really well-fed! Good luck with the garden tour. :)
Bernie said…
Oh, Val! I'm so sorry to hear about this ... pesky little pests! I am sure, though, that anyone who visits your garden will appreciate it anyway! The Spirea is just stunning and your dwarf Lilac is simply beautiful. I bet your Open Day will be a great success.
Icy BC said…
Squirrels are just pest! They did holes in my garden, eating tulip bulbs, and such a destroyer!

I hope your garden stay beautiful for the tour.
Carolyn said…
I remember well the stress of having all those gardeners come to tour our garden!
The spirea over the fence looks amazing.
You did get a cute pic of your little pest though-we don't have them here.
I am sure the tour day will be fun so relax and enjoy!

Autumn Belle said…
You make the garden pest look so cute and adorable in the photos. You lovely blooms brighten up my day!

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