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A Distorted World

lensbaby mosaic 2
I recently purchased a new lens for my camera.   It is called a “Lensbaby Composer”.  Why I needed a new way of looking at my already distorted world I do not know but I find I am a bit of a gadget geek.   Love new and shiny things….all within reason of course.   The Lensbaby Composer is a prime SLR lens that you use to get creative shots with.  It is totally manual and can be complicated to learn.   I bought the extra attachments to make the lens useful for macro and wide angle shots.   It has been a huge learning curve for me but I am enjoying the process.  I have had experienced help getting started as the kit comes with a series of discs that are your fstops.   Every disc has a different size hole in it and makes the outcome of the photograph different.   Anyway here are a few of my first efforts on plants in the Sandbox.  
I will be joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Hope to see you there.   Valerie

ps.    I have decided for the month of August I would join Susannah Conway's August Break 2011.   I will be putting up. I hope a daily picture. but no words.  I will be joining my usual memes but adding no explanations for the photos.   It is just a way for me to get better at taking photos but not having the addition of blogging about it.   We will see how it goes.   If you would like to join in please do.   Last year had over 500 bloggers entered in the blog roll.   August Break 2011


Hi Val, They look great and the lens does have a BIG learning curve. Take care, Jen.
Pondside said…
I admire your ability and willingness to figure out new technology. I get there, but it's a struggle, whereas you seem to see it as a challenge you're tackling happily.
I look forward to seeing your month of pictures.
Vee said…
What did you say? ☺ That's only a slight joke. I'm impressed with your desire to learn more and stretch further. All the best with pictures only in this year's August Break.
eileeninmd said…
You are doing great with your new lens. Your photos are wonderful.
Mary Elizabeth said…
Congrats on your new purchase! I wish I were as brave as you, I can't do anything manually!! Your mosaic is beautiful so you must be getting the hang of it!!
Snap said…
Good for you .. trying something new! Your mosaic is beautiful. I do love flowers.
Carol said…
Your shots are terrific, the flowers beautiful! Impressed that you can figure it all out, I just get confused.
GrandmaK said…
Everyone's flowers are so beautiful this week and yours are no exception! Wishing you a wonderful week! Cathy
Mary said…
Oh, I have been trying to convince my cheap self that I NEED that Lensbaby! I love your results, especially the red zinnia.

And august Break sounds like a great idea!
Hi Val
You have become a gadget geek but I know how much you like the challenge. Great photos from the new lens and your August photos should be fun.
See you Thursday.
I've read about the lensbaby but haven't really researched it that much. It's great that you have one and can tell us about it. These are some great shots!!! Have a great week!!!
Bernie said…
You have become a gadget geek. I agree with Judith. I have no idea what you're talking about today, but I loved the mosaic shots anyway. Nice work.
Teagarden said…
A great mosaic, thanks for sharing this lovely flowers!
Have a nice week,
Jill Harrison said…
congratulations on your Lens Baby and your new learning challenge. This photography bug really becomes all consuming I find. I have heard of the lens baby, but have never seen one, so I will be interested to see your pics. You have made a good start - the red flower in the bottom corner is particularly well done I think.
Have fun with your new lens, and have a wonderful week.
Genie said…
I have heard a lot about the lensbaby but that learning curve is way, way above my head. I did buy a set of extensions, though, and am really loving them for macro shots. I use them on MF instead of auto and they work great in conjunction with any of my other lens. This mosaic turned out so attractively. Love the shifted placement and the polaroid look to it. Nice work. Enjoy your new play toys and keep sharing your shots with the rest of us. Genie
Hi Valerie, The new lens provided for some interesting shots and a different perspective. I like the look of the zinnia particularly.
Shirley said…
Love the effects Valerie! I look forward to seeing what you do with this new lens.

Come for a visit when you have a moment The Gardening Life.
Veronica said…
Hi Valerie. your pictures are beautiful and good luck with the new shots. Looking forward to them!


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