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Welsh Street Reunion

Welsh St reunion mosaic
A while ago a friend of mine whom I have know since we were just little kids sent me an email to tell me that our old street was having a reunion.   I left that street in 1967 when my parents bought a new build in a subdivision north of the city of Peterborough.   For 19 years of my life I lived on Welsh St. and the neighbourhood was full of kids.   We all were friends as we went to the same elementary school just down the street.  We threw snowballs at each other in winter and build igloos from the piles of snow and in the summer we spent all of our days at the end of the street where the Peterborough canal ran along.  My Dad would take my brother and I after work down to the canal as wee ones and that is where we learned to swim like fishes.   There was a family that owned a property that backed onto a bay in the canal and we always called it Toby’s bay.   Money was collected from the neighbours each year to purchase sand for the beach and the water’s edge and the family then maintained it and put up with all of us kids in the water all day.   Our parents never worried about us as we were all water babies in those days.   We would meet at the beach in the morning and then in the afternoon and again at night.   It was a sweet life for sure.
I must say I was a little apprehensive to go back but I went with my friend.   At least I would know one person.   If the reunionees were not wearing name badges I would never have know who they were and I really had trouble remembering what they looked like back then either.  It was really good to see them and to view the bay as it is today.  The street looked well cared for and the houses the same.   The Toby family sold the house on the bay and build a bigger one on the other side of the bay that was always bull rushes.   The backyards have been fenced in and the sand beach is no more.  It has gone back to its natural state.  Top right box.    I did see a boat and paddlers striking their oars through the water on the canal.  No one was in swimming.   I wonder if anyone does swim there now.
I bet you have remembrances of your childhood and the easy days of being kids.     It was a good experience.  I am glad I went.  

I will be joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a great week.   We could use a little rain here.  The plants are in perpetual wilt at the Sandbox.   Valerie


Pondside said…
I've never been to a reunion of any kind. I'm afraid that, like you, I might not recognize a soul!
leavesnbloom said…
I'll send you over some of our rain Valerie - it's like monsoon season here in Scotland.

Oh what a great time you must have had there. A beach on your own doorstep as a child sounds wonderful. I've many happy memories of childhood and our parents never had to worry about health and safety regulations.
That sounds like a fun reunion...I went to my 20th high school reunion and did not recognize most people there.
eileeninmd said…
Sounds like a great reunion. great mosaic and photos. I recently did the same with some old girlfriends I grew up with in my old neighborhood. We had a great time. I'm sure you had fun too.
Vee said…
We've not had too much rain either. BC has a lot, though. Why isn't some of it headed your way? ☺

What fun. I'm glad that you went when you weren't sure about it at all. I think we all need to step beyond the comfort zone a bit and I'm sure that there were many who were glad to see you and do a bit of walking Memory Lane with you.
Hi Val, It sounds like it was a wonderful day. Looks like everyone had a great day. Take care and enjoy the week:)
Mary said…
What a nice chance to revisit your childhood! And it sounds like a wonderful childhood, too. I think today's children are missing that sense of freedom we had... everything these days is so scheduled!
ellen b. said…
I am really impressed that your old street could have a reunion and that it would turn out so well. How inspiring...
Bernie said…
What a sensational idea, especially when the neigbourhood is one of those that's small and settled with the same families living there for a while. It would be marvellous to go back and meet them all again.
Teagarden said…
Thanks for sharing (again)! Have a nice week!
Riet said…
That was a lovely idea, a reunion of a street you lived in so very many years ago. It must have been a wonderful day. Lovely mosaic.
What a great idea. I'm pleased you went and had a great time :0)
Carol said…
Looks like a great time, and looks like a nice turnout! What a fun idea.
It certainly sounds like an idyllic childhood! Perhaps an old friendship or 2 will be reignited by this event.
What a wonderful feeling it must have been to return to your old neighborhood and lovely memories of days at the beach. Now, the DNR has so many rules about altering waterlines.
Karen said…
What a fun reunion and I loved hearing about your growing up in such a nice neighborhood. Too bad times have changed so much that now everything is so much different, when I was a kid we didn't have many worries either. Having that backyard beach was such a wonderful idea for the children...I'm glad you went and shared this experience with us!
Jane said…
I grew up in England in the 60's and 70's and well remember that then, children went out to play all summer day long and no one worried at all. I loved reading about your summertime memories.
Must have been fun to see your old stomping grounds. Great to hear the lake is going back to it's natural state. :)

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