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I’ve Got a Brand New Pair of Rollerskates


September 4 mosaic

I was staying with my Dad over the last few days.  He lives alone a two hour drive from me.  At 91 he has been very healthy but recently he had a little problem with his tummy.   While I was there I decided to do a little gardening. He has a fellow that cuts his grass and keeps the property cleaned up but he does not garden.  The flowerbeds were very overgrown with weeds.   As I was looking for tools in the shed I discovered on one the shelves some toys from when my brother and I were just little.  I found my rollerskates in there too.  They are all rusty now and I could not find the key.  As a young girl I spent many hours going up and down the sidewalks on them and just as many times falling down. The scars on my knees are the remnants of those days.  The rollerblades nowadays look nothing like these.  I used to rollerskate on a shiny wooden flower at the roller rink in the mornings when the kids were at school.  I had a great time and thought I was just a hot cookie out there.   Those days are gone and so is the roller rink.  I hope you enjoy this little look back to the my past.

I will be joining Mary at DearLittleRedHouse for Mosaic Monday.  Hope you can join us or just come over to see what it is all about.   Valerie


Crafty Gardener said…
There are a couple of pairs of roller skates just like that in our garage, with keys. Want to borrow a key?
Marydon said…
Memories ... ahhhh! What a wonderful moment for you, as memories rush in. I remember being 8 1.2 months pregnant & skating around the blocks ... as a child we had a ball on those kinds of skates.

Hope your Father is going to be ok.

Have a beautiful holiday ~
I had a pair of roller blades just like yours. Oh what fun it was skating around the neighbourhood. I hope you brought them home with you. Take care and have a great week:)
Hi Val
I too had a pair just like that and remember only too well what it was like to hit a stone on the road.
Beth said…
Cute mosaic, wonderful memories.
Hugs, Beth
Artistic mosaic...I owned skates like those and the Melanie record!
Jill Harrison said…
a delightful look into the past. Thank you for the memories and the mosaic to go with it. I hope you have taken the skates home with you to put on the shelf in your shed! you can show them to your grandchildren!
Have a wonderful week, and thanks for coming by my blog to say hi.
Now I've the song, which includes your post title, going through my head! It's a very nice, nostalgic collage.
Teagarden said…
Thanks for sharing this memories...
Have a nice week,
Veronica said…
Wonderful memories along with the images.

GrandmaK said…
Oh these pictures bring back such fond memories. Skating with friends, lost skate keys, sidewalk cracks and skinned knees. We did have such fun, really!!! Thanks for the memories! Cathy
Snap said…
What wonderful memories! I had a pair of skates like that!
Shirley said…
Moments of cherished fun to remember! I wonder if you could find another key?
Pondside said…
That took me back. I don't think our kids would believe some of the fun we had!
ellen b. said…
Hi Valerie! Boy those roller skates bring back lots of memories! That's a great mosaic of them...
leavesnbloom said…
Those were my most cherished Christmas present EVER! I had such fun and the bigger the hill the better and I even managed to skate down steps aswell at speed. No helmets or knee pads were required!
leavesnbloom said…
Hope your dad is a bit better today.
Yes...those look like the ones I had, too! Enjoy your week, my friend! ♥
Jenni said…
Lovely photos. I never had any...and always wanted some. As an adult I learned to rollerblade to join in with my children, it was great fun.
Georgianna said…
Enjoyed this very much, Kate! Thank goodness we have memories to relive such special times. Hope your Dad is much better. Mine would have been 91 a few weeks ago.

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