Friday, December 2, 2011

Do You Have Any Photographers on Your Christmas List?


A few suggestions from the Sandbox


Stack of Camera books

I love a book and I have been collecting a few photography books over the last couple of years.   This is my collection of camera books that I have bookmarked and highlighted with coloured pens and even christened with coffee or jam to show you that I have my head buried in them over my lunch or breakfast.   Everyone of them gives me inspiration and very detailed how-tos to get that great picture. I thought I would just point out a favourite of mine that is well thumbed.


Understand Exposure Cover

I have found that I read and reread this book over and over.   You may say “doesn’t she get it the first time”?   Well, the answer is no.   I find each time I read it I discover something I missed.  Bryan is a wonderful photographer and knows his subject inside out. I recently took his course on this subject that I found very very good.   I can’t say that I have an eye for photography.  I know what I like and I try my best to convey it through the lens but I have more flubs than great shots.   A book like this one at least gives you the best directions and you go out and give it a whirl.   I never would have had the courage to try panning or HDR if it had not been for Bryan’s book and course. 

Inside Exposure book

Here is a sample page from Bryan’s book.

Macro Photography

My studio this morning was my ironing board under the window.  It is snowing here and not much light.   This is a photo from another book that I really like and it called Macro Photography for Gardeners and Nature Lovers.   It covers how to get great macro shots of flowers.   It is by Alan L. Detrick.

I am sure these days that you can download these books on your tablets or ereaders too.  I do not have one yet.  As a visual learner I love a book.   Hope this may give you an idea for someone that wants to learn more about photography.   Have a great day.   Valerie


Crafty Gardener said...

That is a great collection of books. I think I would like creative night one as I need to work on taking better night photos.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the tips on which books to look for!
I always love your photography.

Have a great weekend.


Jenni said...

Great collection..the macro one looks very appealing....!
Thanks for that.

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Val
Soon you'll have as many photography books as gardening ones. :-)

Branson said...

I have had to keep going back to understanding exposure as well. It is an excellent book, but so much to learn that I have to do it in small doses ;)

el-mundo-en-colores said...

I don't have books on my Xmas wish list, I have a macro lens instead, have already sent my letter to Santa and as I've been good this year, I hope I get it ;) I borrow photography books from the library rather than buying them, but I do buy photo magazines, it's nice to get some advice and inspirations.